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Hey everyone! Today I launched the Libby Living Colorfully Facebook page.
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Palm Beach Inspired Home Tour

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We'll let the photos do the talking here..

Shop this Room

Shop this Room

Shop this Room


Shop this Room

Shop this Room

Interested in seeing more of Kristen Tola Hettich's home? Make sure to check out Apartment Therapy for the full tour and interview! 

Photographer: Bethany Nauert

Cleaning Prayers Answered + FREE Caldrea Products for You

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Earlier this month, I made a short list of things I wanted to accomplish in July.  One very important item was to start switching over to more natural and chemical-free cleaning supplies and it's almost as if Grove Collaborative read my mind.  I started using Grove Collaborative a few months ago when I became very frustrated with a lot of the grocery-store, chemical-heavy products.  I didn't feel like I was getting my money's worth. I hated wearing rubber gloves to clean (and save my manicure) and most importantly, I hated the smell. Grove makes it easy for me to get all of the natural products I want, delivered to my door, when I actually want them.  That means, you get your products when you run out or want more. No need to worry about stock-piling up on products. And I'm actually spending less on cleaning supplies than before and saving obnoxious (and expensive) trips to Target. 


I first heard about Caldrea in one of Grove's newsletters - which I actually love and read because they have awesome cleaning tips like these:


Caldrea was actually started by the same owner of Mrs. Meyers and was designed to be the luxury line of cleaning products with the same healthy, chemical-free formula. Let me tell you, they smell amazing. And the best part - you can get their Summer Entertaining Kit here FOR FREE here. 


Here's what you'll get for FREE with purchase. 

Free Caldrea dish soap
Free Caldrea countertop spray
Free Grove Collaborative Be Good dish brush
Free shipping
Valued more than $30!

If you're new to Grove Collaborative, you'll get all of this for free with a $20 purchase (no hard considering Grove has everything you need, from body lotion, candles, to chemical and fragrance-free tampons.)
Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for Grove here. You will receive the Caldrea Summer Cleaning bundle for freewhen you sign up & spend $20!
  2. Answer 4 quick questions about your home that Grove will then use to customize your first basket. This takes under 30 seconds!
  3. Once you’ve answered the questions, you can finalize your basket of products to suit your household needs by adding or removing items. You can customize each order, spread out your shipments to fit your shopping needs, and cancel at anytime.
  4. To receive this offer, your order needs to be a minimum of $20. Choose the combination of products and scents you love and receive in your first box.
  5. You made it! Click Finish & Pay and place your order.

And if you're already a Grove member, awesome! You'll get a Grove Collaborative Be Good brush when you use this link. 


Don't forget, this offer is only available until July 17 or while supplies last! There’s a limited number of kits available, so when they’re gone, they’re gone. Also, Grove does not currently ship to Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii and most importantly, Grove beats Amazon Prime prices on Caldrea so make sure to get them here! 

While I love all four of the scents: Sea Salt Neroli, Pear Blossom Agave, Ginger Pomelo, and Tangelo Pal Fond, the Ginger Pomelo is my all time favorite. But hey, why just try one? Get them all! 

Disclaimer: The post was sponsored by Grove Collaborative. All opinions are my own and I only endorse products that I love and use often. Make sure to let me know if you love and use Grove! I love sharing helpful tips, tricks, and products on Libby Living Colorfully!

Design Crush: Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

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Simple and to the point, yet textural and profound.  Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design really just gets it. I stumbled upon the firm based in New York the other day and was captivated by the in bold yet comfortable designs.  I'm particularly keen on the subway tile in the bathroom along with the fun textured towels. What do you think?

Design Destination: Montauk's Surf Lodge

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We've longed to stay at the boutique hotel, Surf Lodge in Montauk for some time now.  The crisp gallery white-washed walls with pops of aqua blues and citrus yellows give the look and feel of a refreshing oasis.  Interior designer Fiona Byrne, incorporated our all time favorite, Gray Malin's art in all 21 rooms.  Zero complaints here. Fiona also had some great pointers for how to get the look of the hotel in your home on The Coveteur

I live for an advertising antique like this lifesaver. I found it at Mantiques in Chelsea where you can find the craziest stuff. It’s given the room a gallery feel by hanging in an all-white space.
— Fiona Byrne
Refinishing your furniture can drastically change the look and feel of your space. In many bedrooms at Surf Lodge, we custom finished the beds with a whitewash that has pink tones that correspond with the Montauk sunsets. It’s super easy to do and will change the look completely. I think a vintage lamp is always a good look—I like Porter James in Greenpoint for well-curated vintage home shopping. The best place to keep up with new items is on their Instagram.
— Fiona Byrne

So who's going to the Surf Lodge this summer? Please let me know ASAP so I can hop in your suitcase. What a great place to spend the 4th! 

A Bright Idea with C by GE

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Lighting. It can truly make or break a room's aesthetic and even our mood and sleep cycles. For me, depending on the time of day, I almost always love a bright, white, lighting that helps me feel refreshed and yes, is the best for capturing the perfect 'gram. At night however, I love a soft warm light to read by, which I usually get from the 10 candles in my room (oops!)  

You guys, these are seriously the coolest things I own at the moment. GE crafted this amazing lighting solution called C by GE. There are two different bulbs, C Life and C Sleep.  C Sleep, are bulbs that change color during different times of the day to reinforce the body's natural rhythm without impeding melatonin production to prepare for sleep.  These light bulbs help support the body's natural sleep and wake cycle.  So cool right? 

The C Sleep bulb comes with three distinct settings: for morning, midday, and evening light, all with the ability to sync to my circadian rhythms. 

And you can control them on your phone with their app.  Seriously, nothing feels more luxurious than getting into bed and dimming my lights (all at once or individually) from my iPhone.  

If you don't feel like changing the lighting yourself, you can set up and name custom lighting scenes for the occasion or the hour. Think "Rise & Shine" or "Reading Hour" or "Movie Time."  My favorite is having the warm light dimmed for when I get home at night.  I actually feel like my sleep has improved because of the soft glow.  (If only I could stop playing with my phone before bed.) 

Another option is to sync your C by GE bulbs with the "Follow the Sun" Setting, which automatically transitions the light settings as the day passes.  Great for the living room or kitchen. 

Interested? Check out the C by GE starter pack.
While these might seem like a luxury item, keep in mind that the LED bulbs can last up to 20 years! Definitely worth the investment.


The products mentioned were given to me by GE but I 100% love, use, and recommend this product.  Thanks GE!

Now let's shop for some lamps! 

Our Dream Dining Room by Kendall Simmons

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A month or so ago, Style My Pretty Living featured an epic dining room designed by our new favorite, Kendall Simmons. The room features bold patterned wallpapered walls, bright and vibrant hues and playful seating arrangements perfect for one dreamy dinner party. (Praying for an invite!)
Take a peak and make sure to catch some of the great tips Kendall gave SMPL!

Tip: If you are starting with a blank space and don’t know how to get started, commit to one bold item (a wallpaper or piece of artwork for example) and build the rest of your selections around it. This gives you a rallying point and keeps you from veering off track!

Tip: When stocking your bar, be sure to purchase liquors that come in beautiful, colorful packaging (not just the ones that you drink regularly). This adds visual interest and contrast to your bar, and who knows, you may discover something new that you’ve never tried before! A perfect example of this is Bombay Sapphire gin because of it’s vibrant blue color.


Tip: Original artwork doesn’t have to break the bank. Search your area for local artists who are just beginning their careers. You can often find their work at small local galleries, or art sales benefiting schools or charities.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to load down your dining table with oversized accessories. Most people only use their dining rooms a few times a year, and when those times come it’s quick and easy to relocate the large accessories to another room in the house so that you can set the table for dinner.


Photography: Catherine Truman | Bar Cart: Ballard Designs | Cactus Photo: Minted | Dining Settee: Lee Industries | Dining Table: Restoration Hardware | Geometric Mirrors: Target | Homeowner: Natasha Stoneking | Host Chairs: Restoration Hardware | Interior Design: Kendall Simmons | Lamps: Shop Candelabra | Large Original Art: Erin Mcintosh | Rug: Anthropologie | Side Chairs: Ballard Designs | Small Pair Original Art: Ed Nash | Wallpaper: Schumacher


Favorite Vinyl

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So after years of owning a beautiful, record player, gifted to me for my high school graduation, (RIP) I finally caved and got a Crosley for convenience and well, because they are just too darn cute. I've racked up a collection of records over the past few years but got the itch to start accumulating more (thank god for Amazon!) Here are just a few of my favorites, old & new!

Hunted Interior's Home Tour

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Designer and Blogger Kristin Jackson has been one of our long-time favorites.  She's always coming up with the best ways to decorate her 1000 sq foot home with fun and creative patterns and textures. Check out her home tour for some design inspiration. 


Living Room

Daughter's Room 


Master Bedroom

Son's Room


Images from Hunted Interior 

8 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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Source:     Nicolas Mathéus

1. Add A Bold Accent Color

If your one who is typically drawn to neutrals, try something new with the space in with an unexpected bold accent. This bathroom hits the nail on the head with the orange Hermes hat boxes and matching orange towels. The simplicity of the light fixtures and mirrors keep the striking orange accents and blue diamond tile from overtaking the space. 

2. Invest In Better Towels

If not for yourself, at least splurge a bit on your guests.  I keep a basket of nice, white Elizabeth Arden Turkish bath towels ($39) for when guests visit. You don't to spend a fortune, just have something for special occasions. 

3. Add A Small Piece of Furniture

Even if you have limited space, you can still integrate an great accent piece.  Garden stools are a great option for next to the sink, in the shower, or next to the toilet. They can be used as a small table for displaying books or flowers. 

4. Keep Fresh Flowers 

While this may seem obvious, I'm always pleasantly surprised when I see a bouquet of fresh flowers in a bathroom. It's easily the best way to keep your bathroom looking and more importantly, smelling fresh. 

Source:  The Decorista

5. Display Your Faves

Have a favorite scent? Love that vintage tray? Pair them together, and create a display of your favorite products. Be careful not to overdue it though. I keep all of my old Chanel powder compacts in this gold decorative box from Target. It's a great way to keep the things you love and use, out on display in a tasteful manner. Apothecary jars are a great option for storing cotton balls and q-tips. 

6. Change Up The Hardware

It's a common misconception that switching out the hardware in a bathroom will cost you thousands. In reality, there are a lot of great inexpensive options out there that can help you revamp your bathroom. Replacing knobs, drawer pulls, towel bars and shower heads can do just the trick. Gold fixtures have been on-trend for quite some time now with no signs of stopping. Here you can find the shower head set from above for less than $270. These gold cabinet pulls from Home Depot are chic and inexpensive as well. 

Source:  Homes to Love

7. Switch Up the Shower Curtain

If you're somewhat afraid of your shower curtain touching you in the morning, you should probably get rid of it.  Changing your shower curtain now and then is definitely a must. The shower curtain is also a great way to give your bathroom personality. Be bold, having fun with it. Choose a cool geometric print or my favorite, a fun palm print.  Don't forget about the curtain rings either. These come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. The opportunities are truly endless. Tip: Make sure to hang the rod high to give the appearance of a tall bathroom. 

Source:  Dustin Aksland

8. Add a Turkish Rug

Yes, you heard me. Add a full blown rug!  Because nothing is more pesky than trying to stone-hop around on several wet bathmats in a bathroom. Unless you have a toddler who soaks up the floor during bath time, there really isn't much of a reason not to get a fun area rug. It's a different twist to tradition but as you can see here, here and here, plenty are partaking. The best part, the beautiful patterns in Persian or Turkish rugs only look better as they fade, adding character and sophistication to your bathroom.  

What bathroom upgrades are you thinking about making?
I know I have a few of these on my list.
Make sure to check out my SHOP page for more decorating ideas! 

Society Social - The Bold & Beautiful Room Inspiration

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Hi yes, we'll take it all.  It's our favorite again Society Social, with another amazing room design.  The chair, the sofa, the artwork.  It's all too perfect to pass up, or at least take a peak at.
Here are some of our favorites from the room decor! 

What are your Society Social favorites?
Make sure to follow SS and Roxy Te on Instagram!

Apartment Envy - Shannon Smith's DC Home

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Shannon Smith has long been one of my favorite interior designers and bloggers, and since meeting a few weeks ago at the #SpringSocialDC, she's now a friend! Shannon's DC apartment has been something I've admired for years. The mix of bold colors and patterns is exactly up my alley.  Not to mention, our shared love for the orangerie rose print.  While I absolutely adore her current pad, I'm so excited for Shannon's new purchase, a home! I cannot wait to see what you do with it Shannon! 

If you love Shannon's aesthetic as much as I do, make sure to check out her Interior Design Services, her blog, Burlap and Lace, and of course, follow her on Instagram.  You can also find Shannon in this month's issue of HGTV Magazine! Congrats Shannon!


Photography: Shannon Smith


Apartment Envy - Ceres Ribeiro's Union City, NJ Apartment

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Ceres Riberio's New Jersey home is nothing short of fresh and inviting.  With the soft whites, mixed with gorgeous mirrors and metallic tables, there's really nothing we don't love about Ceres's style.  Make sure to check out her full home tour in The Everygirl

X-Benches, Target
Console, IKEA bookcase used as console table
Gold lamp, Hobby Lobby
Accessories, Homegood
Mirror, Anthropologie

Dining Room
Console table, Target
Table, IKEA
Ghost Chairs,
Gold Skull, ZGallerie
Lamp, Pier 1
Books, Amazon
Art, Donna Weathers
Chandelier, Overstock

Living Room
Sofa, IKEA
Table, IKEA (spray painted gold)
Round side table, vintage
Rug, Shades of Light
Bookcase Accessories, Homegoods
Buddha Candle, Thompson Ferrier
Leopard pillows, Little Design Co. 
Gold pillows: Caitlin Wilson Textile
Tom Ford Book: Amazon
Art: Pages taken from coffee table books
Monogram jewelry box, CWonder
Ampersand sign, CWonder

Glass canister, Crate and Barrel
Gold bowl, Target
Gallery wall frames, IKEA

Headboard, Wayfair
Nightstand, Homegoods
Lamps, Pier1
Sunburst mirror, Home Depot
Pink pillows: H&M Home
Palm pillows, Little Design Co.
Monogram jewelry box, CWonder
Bed Covers, Pottery Barn
Dressers, IKEA


How To: Be a Great Host

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A little while ago, I gathered some tips and tricks on How To: Be a Great House Guest and now here's some advice on being the host.  Side note: The word host is both male and female as in, "someone who entertains guests or strangers in his or her home."  Contrary to popular belief than only a man can be called host, and woman, hostess.  Anywho, the other weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting some friends from out of town and made some quick and easy preparations for their arrival.  

Tidy Up - This doesn't have to be anything extensive.  Just be sure that the sheets are washed, the bedside tables are dusted, and the bathroom is clean and free of any dirt of unnecessary clutter. 

Stock Up - Prep your home with some extra beverages. Make sure to have some cold water chilled in the fridge, and the bar cart stocked. Guests traveling long distances will appreciate a drink or cocktail to settle in and relax.

Be Cognizant of Smells - Really not kidding about this one.  We all know that feeling, when you walk into a home and instantly pick out its smell. To keep this initial nasal reaction positive, make sure to clean out the sink, empty the trash, and find some gentle-scented items to fill your home with.  I love Diptyque candles and room diffusers for this reason.  If you're worried about allergies, grab some hydrangeas, hyacinth, and lilacs for a fresh, floral, home scent.  

Create a Guest Tray - Nothing says "I'm happy you're here" more than a tray of goodies to welcome your guests.  This could also include a basket of toiletries in the bathroom, or even a card on the bedside table.  Anything to make your guests feel special and at home. 

Give a Tour - Once your guests arrive, be sure to give them a tour of your home or the spaces you feel comfortable showing.  We all have one "messy room" that we'd wish didn't exist. If you don't think the guest will be up in your master bathroom or home office, there isn't much of reason to show them the space.  Additionally, let your guests know of any security systems they might set off or supply them with a spare key if you plan on being home at different times. Give them the low-down on how your coffee machine works, or for extended stays, where the laundry room is.  This will save your guests from feeling uncomfortable not knowing the overall lay of the land. 

Be Welcoming - This may sound obvious, but many times, the stress of hosting guests can remain present during their visit. Be mindful of any arguments or loud conversations you could have while your guests are there. Alleviate any tension by actually enjoying your time with your guests. Play a board game or cook an easy meal together. 

Stay tuned for a future post on how to make the perfect guest tray! 
Until then, 


Mrs. Lilien's Hawaiian Beach Home

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We've been an avid reader of Mrs Lilien's Blog for quite some time now.  Known best as an "Arbiter of the elusive ladylike pleasures and chief ambassador of the elevated lifestyle" Mrs. Lilien encompasses all things fabulous, and has built a fantastic brand.  She is the author of two amazing cocktail swatch books, one of which is my bar cart staple which you can find at Jonathan Adler.  Which, speaking of, can be found on almost every surface of her home.  Note: the throw pillows and striped canisters

We weren't lying when we said Mrs. Lilien is FAB and we cannot tell you how hard we were #fangirling when she followed us back on Instagram.  We often think about the 10-12 people we would invite to our dream dinner party and Mrs. Lilien definitely tops this list. 

If you're interested in any of the decor or furnishings from this post, make sure to check out Mrs. Lilien's Blog for more details. 



All PhotographyAnnie Groves 

Hobby Lobby Decor for CHEAP

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We cannot get over how inexpensive these items from Hobby Lobby are. Yes, Hobby Lobby. The sales right now are unbelievable.  I snagged the white fur rug, two of the resin triangles, the dalmatian pillow, and the gold peace sign sculpture.  These will be great additions to my bookshelf in my office and my peacock chair in my bedroom.  Make sure to check out the sale while it lasts! 


Studio McGee's Pacific Palisades Project Master Bedroom and Bath

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Studio McGee has been one of my favorite design firms for a while now, and they're showing no signs of stopping in their perfect design path. Case in point - this master bedroom and bathroom design.  We love the coastal look with the floor-to-ceiling paneling, and the crisp, preppy, layered textiles.  It's has the perfect touches of blues and greys without looking too beachy.  We can't get enough of that tub! 



My Office Makeover Plans

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Due to some renovations taking place at my law firm in the upcoming months, I am saying goodbye to my current office space and hello to something very very new - an open cubicle.  While my initial reaction was less than enthused, I later realized, it's a chance to do something I love, redecorate.  My new desk will be limited in space as I will no longer have any wall shelving or bookcases so I need to brainstorm ideas on how to keep things, neat and orderly.  In spite of the new Google headquarters-esque space, it is a corporate law firm, so I will have to limit my creative liberties.  To gather some inspiration, I turned to some of my favorite bloggers for tips and visuals on what their office spaces look like.  

Source:  The Everygirl
Source:  The Every Girl

One thing is for certain, I am taking Waiting on Martha's lead and lining my cork board with the Thibault Tanzania paper. I love the simplicity of the speckled print.  Luckily, I found something very similar for about one-tenth of the cost.  Another office trend I love are the hints of orange Hermès boxes and bags here and there.  To compromise, I will most certainly be picking up one of these gorgeous square lacquer trays from West Elm, in orange of course. 

Kate Spade Ikat storage boxes ($62) - These will be great to keep small desk items in.  The bottom box will be useful for confidential papers and briefs. 

S'well water bottle ($35) - Everyone seems to be raving about these water bottles! I'm definitely picking up one to keep my ice water nice and cool throughout the day. 

Acrylic Tape Dispenser ($8) 
Kate Spade Acrylic Stapler ($28) - I mean, this is just too cute.

Target Gold Task Lamp ($25) - Even if your office is well-lit, you should always have a lamp for extra light and ambiance when it gets later. 

Rachel George Vegan Leather Office Chair ($255) 

Let's Talk Shop Card Holder ($30) - If you have business cards, you should always have them on your desk. Even if you aren't handing them out at work, you never know when you'll need to snag some before an out of the office meeting. 

Mintwood Home Gold Pineapple ($29) - Perfect for holding paperclips and nick-knacks. 

Live the Life you Love Tray ($25) - You can really never have too many trays..

Kate Space All Occasions Card Set ($30) - I've gone through 2 boxes and might need a third. This box set comes with: Hello, Thank You,  Congratulations, Sending you Love, and Happy Birthday cards.  Perfect for those last-minute letters. 

 Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree ($45) - This little guy will likely outgrow my new office space, but for the time being, having a little greenery will be nice. 

The Aestate Artwork Pieces - I'm excited for two of my favorite prints! They're currently being framed by my friends at Framebridge

Decorative Paper ($7-$28) - This will be a great way to cover the cork board built-ins and looks just like my favorite Thibaut wallpaper.