Favorites Lately - Korres Skincare

BeautyLibby RasmussenComment

Pomegranate Cleansing Scrub ($21) - I love nothing more than a good facial scrub.  Typically I use the ProActive cleansing scrub, but use it less and less, especially when my acne/redness is at bay. I love the gentle yet effective grains in this scrub and that it doesn't leaving my skin feeling stripped of it natural oils, which is very important. 

Pomegranate Toner ($22) - I used to think that I really didn't need a toner, but in reality, it was only because I didn't know what toners actually do. I use this after washing my face with the Pomegranate Cleansing Scrub and it manages to get all of the make-up that didn't wash off.  Not only that, the pomegranate water and natural astringents have actually made my pores look and feel smaller, almost like a tightening effect, without drying my skin out. 

Wild Rose Brightening and Tone Corrector ($43) - I've always had an issue with skin tone and discoloration so serums and corrector have been a god-sent. This uses pure vitamin C and Wild rose oil to reduce the size and intensity of skin pigmentation and improves radiance. As I've mentioned in previous posts about Facial Serums 101, with continued use, serums can truly transform your skin over time. 

Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream ($38) - This is easily one of the best face creams I've used in a while.  It's packed with vitamin C and hydrated my skin, leaving it so incredibly smooth then next morning without feeling greasy or sticky. I also love the Wild Rose scent. 

*Special thanks to Korres for sending me these products. All opinions are my own.