My SweatBox DC Workout Experience

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It was long overdue but I finally started working out again. I tried Classpass again, but kept forgetting to sign up for different classes. I did SoulCycle, but only from time to time. Nothing was really clicking until I tried SweatBox here in DC.  They reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try them out for a 2 week trial, and if I liked it, then I’d tell you all. Well here I am, I liked it, I now LOVE it, and I want you to try it with me!
First things first, let’s cover the basics.

What is a Sweatbox class like?

SweatBox is a combination of cycling, XT training, and floor work, that you do in your own workspace.  You switch around between these different exercises during the 50 minute class as you go through all four heart rate training zones. Don’t worry, they give you time to recover between too. The instructor, aka the SweatBoss guides you through the transitions from the bike to the floor and explains everything in detail before class for beginners.

Here’s an awesome video of what a class is like:


How much is it?

The 2 week trial is just $34 but if you use the code “LIBBYSWEATBOX” - you’ll get a $10 off discount. So, about $3.43 each, if you go to 7 classes during the trial. Such a good deal.


Is it intimidating?

At first, I thought it was going to be. VIDA has a LOT of in shape well, gay men who are the literal physical opposite of me. But, don’t let this intimidate you. For my first class, I showed up 15 minutes early and they showed me what to do for each exercise and I instantly felt better. Also, you are in your own area with your own bike, weights, and TRX straps. SweatBox doesn’t make everyone being perfectly in sync. If you need to modify, modify. If you want to push yourself further, you can. You get to see what your heart rate and calorie burn is on the board. It’s not a contest against others in the class, more of a way to keep yourself accountable and give an extra push.  I didn’t think I would be that into this component, but I found myself working harder because of it.

What is the vibe?

So much fun. Like actual fun. They play all the bests like Dua Lipa, Kim Petras, and Lizzo. I found myself singing along with the music during warm ups. By the end, I’m usually huffing and puffing lol. They dim the lights which I appreciate. No one is yelling at you and there’s a lot of great camaraderie between everyone without being like a creepy Crossfit gym.


Did you see results?

Yes! I am STRONGER than I was two weeks ago. Both mentally and physically. Today, at my last class, I reflected quite a bit about how much better I was from my first class. My balance, endurance, and overall strength has improved and I feel so much better about myself. As far as physical results, a friend or two told me I look thinner but who’s to say that’s true lol. I’m not one to weigh myself regularly (for better or worse) but if I had to guess, I feel like I maybe lost 4 or so pounds in the two weeks, just from the workouts. I feel much lighter overall and my arms are starting to tone up more!

Will you continue going?

100% yes. I’m already talking about doing the monthly unlimited. This really worked for me and I want to have it be my primary source of strength training. I am super happy with my experience with SweatBox and would 10/10 recommend.

Reminder: The 2 week trial is just $34 but if you use the code “LIBBYSWEATBOX” - you’ll get a $10 off discount.

Oh, and a VERY special thanks to Hanna and Julie at Lululemon in Georgetown for outfitting me for SweatBox. I’m wearing the All The Right Places Crop II in size 10, the Free to Be Serene tank in size 8 and the Sheer Joy Jacket in size 8. Shop below!


Lastly, this 2 week trial was a sponsored gig. But money aside, I would do this out of my own pocket in a heartbeat. Thank you for having me SweatBox DC! I am hooked! Make sure to follow @sweatboxdc on insta.