My Favorite Thrift & Antique Shops in DC

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Thrifting and antiquing in DC is 90% heartbreaking and like, 10% success. When I’m back home in Wisconsin, it’s like heaven on earth (for many reasons) but particularly for the fact that I could find a full midcentury dining set of like, six for $200. Here in DC, we sing a different song. Things are pricey and those that aren’t, go QUICK. Other than scouring Craigslist every day (a favorite pastime of mine) here are my favorite places to thrift and antique in DC. I have a few hidden spots (to keep from over picking) but wanted to share the rest since it’s easily one of my most asked questions. In no particular order, here we go:


For Your Eyes Only

One of my favorites! Located behind Union Market and also a location in Rockville, the owner Mo, has a great selection of items mostly found at estate sales. He also has a great Instagram @foryoureyesonlydc where you can scope out items before checking them out in the warehouse. I get a lot of my blue and white china there and my most prized possession, this ornate woven chair.

Address: 411 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002
Prices: Negotiable - Items can be on the pricier side


Mom N’ Pop Antiques

One of my favorites for glassware and random oddities, Mom N’ Pop on Georgia Ave is easy to spot (when you know where to look lol) with its colorful stained glass corner and typically open door. Just two weeks ago I snagged this adorable mint ottoman for $23. I love it so much. The owner, Bill has been here since 1986 and is just a call away when you’re looking for something specific. AKA me, calling him regularly asking if he has any colored glass pitchers that week…not kidding.


Address: 3534 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010
Prices: Negotiable, VERY affordable

Christ Child Opportunity Shop

Truly one of my favorite places in all of DC. The little ladies who work at CCOS are just as special as the ornate china sets in the store. This shop has mostly beautiful F-R-A-GIIIII-LAY items like delicate crystal glassware, stunning full dining sets for upwards of $2,000 but then also an occasional vintage Hermés silk scarf for $200. The silver platters and serving trays on the second floor make me swoon every time and the jewelry (if I wore it) is notable as well. I would say I leave with something from here every other visit, typically gifts for others but an occasional blue and white planter if I’m lucky enough to find one for less than $50.


Address: 1427 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007
Prices: Not negotiable but prices decrease in monthly increments according to the sticker. Mid-prices

Miss Pixie’s

Pixie herself is arguably the OG queen on 14th Street. She started the shop, originally in Adams Morgan in 1997 before moving to 14th Street in 2008. I recommend going during the week as on weekends most of the good stuff is picked over from the Saturday shopping sweep. But, there’s always something good to find here. The lamps are typically well priced and readily available. Painted dressers and tables are common at Pixies’s and the staff is always there to greet you with a smile. Vintage silver, postcards, and magazines are always stocked up.


Address: 1626 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009
Prices: Not negotiable (to my knowledge) Reasonable


If there was an award for “Best Smelling Store” in DC, GoodWood would take it home. This place is the coziest shop in DC and you’ll realize this the second you walk through the door. Most days when I walk into GoodWood, I’m greeted by a beautiful Chesterfield couch covered in Kilim pillows. There’s always a candle or Japanese incense burning, which naturally, I need a pack of each time I go in. Well framed art and mirrors line the walls for not a lot of loot. And, best of all, there is always at least one or two stunning credenzas for around $1,200 or less.


Address: 1428 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009
Prices: Not negotiable. Overall very reasonably priced, especially for larger pieces.



If you are shopping at a thrift store or a Goodwill, I would STRONGLY encourage you to donate to the stores you shop from. Kind of like, “Take a penny, leave a penny” you know? Yes, you are allowed to buy what you please, but I promise you, you’ll feel better about scoring that beautiful ginger jar vase for $1.95, “a steal!” if you donated to the place you found it. You know?


Colorful Coats for Winter

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This has more or less been the winter of fun coats for me. Lately, if I could wear jeans and my woman t-shirt with sneakers and a fun, color block coat, every damn day, I’d be a happy girl. Well, essentially that is what I’ve been doing. A lot of people have been asking me about my coat collection so here are a couple that I have, and have also been coveting. Enjoy!


 Okay, so this coat is my favorite of the year. I love love love color (obviously) so this pink and red color block number was a no-brainer. Also it was only $30 (on sale at the time.) I had some mixed feelings about what the quality would be, given the price and the brand, but I am so so so happy with the coat. I’m wearing a large and would recommend sizing up when purchasing from this company.


So I FINALLY snagged the highlighter yellow coat of my dreams and it was less than $65. I’m wearing a size 8 but could have sized down. The material is nice and thin but substantial enough for cooler weather. New favorite tee from Curio Concept.


This coat from Elizabeth & James is so much fun but damn it gets hot, really hot. I love wearing it with this turtleneck and jeans and these Stubbs and Wootten WASP loafers.


I needed a classic coat for rainy days and quick errands. This is one of my favorites from The Fifth Label and fits so so well. Bonus: it’s relatively inexpensive right now.


So full transparency, I was on the fence about this Tory Burch coat because I thought it might looks like it was from Chico’s. Then, I slapped myself into reality and my doubts were wiped with each compliment I received on the first day I wore it. It’s heavy, not necessarily warm but it is heavy, like, in weight.


Hope this was helpful! Remember to always check out local vintage shops and small businesses when you can too!


Bra Fitting 101 and Other Things I Learned at Coup de Foudre Lingerie

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Let's talk BRAS baby. Candidly, up until last week, I hadn't given much thought to. As a woman who is, ehem, pear-shaped, I've spent more time shopping for jeans and pants that fit my thighs and rear than what's on top. Is this a curse or a blessing? Well, for me, it's always kind of worked out in my favor. I haven't had to struggle with backaches, awkward high school gym class moments, or heartbreaking fittings at the mall. Life with bitty buds is kinda easy. I pretty much survive off of sticky bras, sticky petals, sticky tape, or honestly, no bra at all (full transparency, I am writing this blog post sans bra.)  It's been well, really nice.  But, I have been avoiding something important for every woman, a real bra fitting.  

So here's what I did. 

My good friend Sophie from Rosé Media reached out to me to stop by one of her client's lingerie shops, Coup de Foudre Lingerie, for a bra fitting.  Located next to Dry Bar (hellllo new bottle of dry shampoo) I immediately felt at ease when I met the owner, Kiersten Ballman. She's awesome. 


Kiersten didn't skip a beat.  We chatted about what I was looking for, and she grabbed some beautiful pieces, and we got straight to the point, the bra fitting. 



I learned a lot during this fitting:

1. I'm not wearing the right size - so I figured Kiersten was going to tell me this. But her answer wasn't what I was expecting.  Like many women, I was told, I make the mistake of sizing up in the band when a bra feels uncomfortable.  Looser is better, right? Wrong. The brand should, in fact, be tight because bras are meant to, well, lift and support you. Duh Libby. 

2. I'm wearing my bra too low - another point that surprised me.  After I was given my proper bra size, I was shown exactly where on my back my bra should fall. LOL, my old bra lines on my back showed just how low low low my strapless was sitting on my back. No bueno. We got me up where I should be and it really did change the way I looked and even the way I stand. 

3. No, you don't need 25 bras - "A woman really only needs 3-5 bras for her everyday rotation." Kiersten explained. The key word here, ROTATION.  I like many women, get into the habit of wearing my bras to death. Literally death. And then forgetting that different bras serve different purposes.  You should have a great strapless bra for sure, and 2-3 everyday bras in black and nude. And then, all of the fun stuff that you want to integrate. 


4. Not all bras are made the same - this may seem like a no-brainer, but I really didn't think about it until I saw the beautifully framed piece (below) in the shop.  It displays all of the beautiful and important materials that go into making a high-quality brassiere. Spoiler alert: you won't find this quality in your Victoria's Secret bra. Coup de Foudre carries a high line of affordable lingerie that will last you for quite a while.  

5. They accept bra donations! Woohoo! I loved this.  You can bring in your used bras and Coupe de Foudre will donate them to women in need of support.  

6. Bra Fittings at Coup de Foudre are FREE! Can't beat that. 

After trying on a few fun pieces, and wow, it actually was more fun than I thought, I made my selection. I wanted something that felt like me but also felt like spoiling myself. I decided on Coupe de Foudre's most popular set, The Marie Joe Jane.  It's super elegant and sexy with just the right amount of intricate embroidery over the black tulle. 
The best part, it's so comfortable.   


Special thanks to Sophie, Kiersten and the team at Coup de Foudre Lingerie for answering all of my questions, and making me feel comfortable and sexy.  *Disclaimer: the pieces I selected were gifted to me. Thank you thank you thank you! 

Make sure to pop into Coup de Foudre Lingerie soon and follow them on Instagram for the latest and greatest. And remember, all bra fittings are FREE! 


Small Biz Spotlight: Bodnar Bags

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Lets talk about a little series I've wanted to start for a while now, Small Biz Spotlights.  I started my business back in 2015 and have since learned SO much about the ups and downs of running a company.  Between expense reports and taxes, there's a lot that goes into making it all run smoothly.  And let me tell you, every business owner I meet, whether it be someone in starting their first restaurant or in this case, an online boutique, I'm always fascinated and admirable of all of the hard work that others put into it.  

Which leads me to my friend Laura...

Laura Zobar, recently started a small line of adorable bags, Bodnar.  I first met Laura when she was considering starting the business.  Like many of us small business owners, Laura was a little nervous about outing herself "out there" (girl we know the feeling) and getting things started  but she did it and I'm IN LOVE with these bags. 

Here I'm wearing the Mackenzie clutch which is actually super spacious.  The morale of the story is, these bags are seriously just plain fun. Ideal for a date, the beach, or brunch, the Bodnar bags are too cute to pass on. Let's chat with Laura a little bit about the company shall we...

Q: Tell us about the bags! 

A: So the bags are made of a colorful woven cotton blend that I discovered in New York City's Garment District last summer. The fabric was originally created for a well-known fashion designer who opted out of using it but when I found it, I knew I had to have it and bought the entire roll. There are five different bag styles but all are unstructured, which is great because they can easily be folded into a suitcase if you're traveling or tucked into a work or school bag. Personally, I think they're perfect as the type of bag you take with you when you want to go grab a midday coffee but don't want to bring your whole bag with you. 

Q: Where are they made/how are they made?

A: Each bag is made of the recycled material I mentioned above, which is super soft (think American Apparel t-shirt) and lined with a thin canvas. Although the styles and sizes vary, each bag features rainbow colored tassels and poms. The Cece Clutch is a zippered pouch, while the others have a top flap closure. As for how they are made, I sew and hand-stitch each bag here in my studio in Washington, D.C. so they are Made in the USA, which is really important to me. I'm also working on incorporating organic fabric and natural dyes in future rounds of production. 

Q: What was your inspiration for the bags?

A: A year ago, I was studying fashion design at Parsons School of Design in New York, and one of our assignments required us to make a handbag. While shopping for materials, I fell in love with the bright and colorful pattern and immediately knew I wanted to make an oversized slouchy clutch. I think at the time I was carrying a lot of things around with me in the city and needed something that could go from day to night, and this bag really worked for that. I carried it everywhere I went for the rest of summer. 

Q: What made you decide to make a business out of it?

A: When I finished the bag I posted a picture of it on my Instagram and immediately had friends messaging and texting me asking me to make them one, which was really exciting! A few weeks later at our final exhibition, which is basically a showcase of everyone's work, I was walking around looking at other students' projects when one of my friends texted me that a girl was asking for me and wanted to buy one of my bags. The exhibition is more like an art show so the pieces aren't actually for sale but this girl was dead-set on leaving with one of my bags, so I named a price and she became my first customer! I think together these two experiences made me think I ought to give it a shot.

Q: Where did you come up with the name, Bodnar? And am I saying it right?

A: Yeah, so Bodnar (\bod-ner\) is a family name. It was the last name of my great-aunt and uncle who were clothiers in Budapest, Hungary. They owned a shop in Paris and made clothes for members of the Austro-Hungarian Empire's royal family, which I thought was pretty cool. I also liked the name because it didn't box me into anything specific, so whichever direction I decide to expand in the future I'll still be able to use the same brand name.

Q: What is the best part of having your own small business?

A: I love being able to work on something that is meaningful to me and where I see the impact of my work. I didn't always feel this way when I was working in an office and it's something I really appreciate. I also enjoy being able to bounce between being creative when I'm designing, social when I'm engaging with customers, and strategic when I'm running numbers or working on the business side of things. It's fun that every day is different! 

...and what is the worst?

I think the hardest part is doing it on my own. I don't have a business partner or team so every decision rests on my shoulders, which can be a little overwhelming. That being said, I'm incredibly lucky because I have the most supportive friends and family who have helped with every decision I've made. They also happen to be my best customers! So it goes without saying that without them, Bodnar wouldn't exist. (Thanks guys!!!)

Q: How would you describe your target customer?

A: I'd say our client is a woman with a classic, preppier style. Definitely someone who "lives colorfully"! The bags are perfect for a woman-on-the-go because they transition from day-to-night really well. My current customers use their Bodnar bags for everything from a smaller pouch to hold essentials in a large work bag to the clutch they take out when meeting friends for drinks or traveling abroad.

Q: If you could have any celebrity or influencer carrying a Bodnar bag, who would it be?

A: Well I loved the shoot you did and seeing the Bodnar MacKenzie Clutch featured on Libby Living Colorfully was really exciting! It's hard to pick a celebrity or influencer because there are so many talented and incredible women, some of whom I've been lucky enough to engage with already. I think also because Bodnar is so new it's really exciting when anyone purchases or is carrying a Bodnar bag. As I mentioned earlier, so many of my girlfriends have been so supportive and it's the best feeling in the world when we go out or run into each other and they're using their Bodnar bag!

Q: So what's next? 

A: I'm playing around with new styles all the time and planning colors and fabrics for the upcoming seasons. Right now our five styles include the Original Milly Oversized Slouchy Clutch, the CeCe which is a smaller zippered pouch, the MacKenzie Oversized Slouchy Clutch, the Mini Mac (a smaller version of the MacKenzie), and the Perfect Kate Clutch.

In planning for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons, I'm focused on a color palette that includes blush, navy, and shades of red and tawny brown, maybe olive too! I'm also looking at how we can incorporate organic fabrics and outsource to ethical manufacturers (within in the U.S.). And I'd love to see Bodnar bags in local retailers like Tuckernuck, Salt & Sundry, and Take Care Shop but for now our bags are available at


Make sure to shop ALLLLLLL the bags from Bodnar and follow them on instagram


Living For The WEEKEND

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Tassels, acrylic lettering, and bright colors. Say no more. When I got this sweater I was hooked and immediately put it on, on a Wednesday.  Because, let's be real, we could all use a little weekend fun during the week.  The sweater is from Rails and can be found at Bloomies, Nordstrom, and Shopbop


Shop My Favorites from Rails 

What puts you in the weekend mode?
Special thanks to Kara Schab at Right Foot Creative for the photos!



I Finally Tried a Subscription Box & It Wasn't Filled with Junk

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One of the best parts of blogging for me, is getting to know other small businesses, especially those owned and operated by women. So when my good friend Kara (also owner of a small biz) told me about her friend's company, Luxor Box, I knew I wanted to hear more about it and get on board! 

For the longest time, I couldn't really get behind the whole subscription box thing.  My friends that have tried Birchbox seem to really like it, but I was hesitant. To me, most of those boxes seemed like well junk. Tiny samples of small lipsticks that didn't match my skin tone or obnoxious colored nail polishes that companies were clearly trying to get rid of - it just felt like something that would immediately go in my bathroom "junk drawer" in my bathroom (we all have them.)

In my opinion, what makes Luxor Box different from other subscription box companies is the quality. Take this Ciro Cell Daily Hydration sunscreen - it typically sells for $50 and is sold out on its own site.  I loved getting this sunscreen in the box because, one, sunscreen is life. #teamnowrinkles and two, it's clearly an item that people love, not some junky free sample that I could pick up from CVS. 

Overall, I genuinely enjoyed and wanted the products in the Luxor Box. They were so well packaged and curated and would make a perfect gift for a bride-to-be, mother, or friend. 
Special thanks to Kara Schab @rightfootcreative_ for the intro to Luxor Box and for these beautiful photos.  Make sure you check out Luxor Box and their insta for more info!

Whimsical Decor I'm Loving Right Now

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It's no secret that I have an affinity for colorful, and sometimes pretty cooky things. I'm no stranger to neon signs, or wearing clementines as necklaces. So when I decorate, I want it to be anything but plain and simple. Who doesn't want a little FUN now and then? Here are my current favorite cooky decor items. 

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What whimsey do you decorate with?

Photos and products via Waiting On Martha 

My Favorite Statement Earrings At The Moment

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