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Turo is like AirBnB for Cars and I love it - $25 OFF FIRST TRIP

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Not having a car in DC is both a curse and a blessing. For my friends that do, I’m sure you have enough parking tickets to pay for a flight to Hawaii and for my friends who don’t (like me) you’re probably getting a little sick of Ubering home with your groceries.

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I’ve talked about this before, but for YEARS (like since 2013) I’ve been using a car sharing company called TURO. Think of it as being like an AirBnB, but for cars. SO EASY.

Basically you use the app to find the nearest car, owned by someone just like you from anything from a Civic to a Tesla, and then can rent it the next day (or sometimes even the same day.) One time, I rented a car that was in the SAME apartment building as me, so it was as easy as getting the keys from my neighbor and dropping off after my trip. This time, I rented a newer BMW X5 as a treat.

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Besides the obvious convenience factor, it’s nice to put $$ back into normal people’s pockets, rather than something like Enterprise or Hertz, which usually has costly add ons, or doesn’t accept debit cards.   

The app is really easy, and there are insurance protections to save you, as the driver, or as the car owner. I was really excited when TURO agreed to work with me (I pitched them for the collab) because I use them so much and thought you might too!


Just last weekend, I used Turo to pick up a friend from the Baltimore airport, and of course, pick up a vintage bar cart from Wishbone Reserve that I JUST HAD to have.

You too can ride for CHEAP on your first trip thanks to ya girl. CLICK HERE
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If you sign up, we both get $25 so it’s a win - win!

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