Pop Lock and (Don't) Drop It

ShoppingLibby RasmussenComment

 Yes, I drop my phone 

And it's getting pretty old.  While I haven't cracked the actual screen (thank god for glass screen protectors) in about a year, I can tell that every time it hits the pavement, it takes a toll on my precious sidekick.  And frankly, I'm over it.  Until I found out about PopSockets - a nifty and inexpensive little device you stick to the back of your phone, pop up, and use to hold and anchor your grip when walking around, taking a photo, or even as a little kickstand to watch videos. 

My favorite part, I got to customize my own PopSocket. The customization option makes these puppies perfect for gift-giving (perhaps for a bachelor(ette) outing).  I chose to use the Beverly Hills Hotel Banana Leaf print (obviously) with the hot pink accordion.  However, I'm loving the donut and bagel option. Maybe next time! 

PopSocket Pro Tip: If your Popsocket loses its stickiness from frequent moving or from getting dirty, you can rinse and reclaim its stickiness. Rinse the gel under water and let dry for about an hour and restick!


Make sure to check out Popsocket's Shop, Facebook and Instagram for more! 

*Special thanks to PopSocket for sending me my adorable custom PopSocket. This is actually my iPhone's life savor. All opinions are my own.