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Libby Living Colorfully Now on Snapchat! (Even with the Insta Update) @libbyras

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So I have to admit, I'm pretty addicted to Snapchat. Not just for snapping my own pics, but to see what everyone else is up to! Some of my favorite Snapchatters are fellow bloggers and creatives (see & follow my favs below).
While I'm a bit indifferent about the new Instagram Snapchat-like update, I have enjoyed seeing and feeling like I know my feed better.  Both Snapchat and now Instagram are giving us the opportunity to see the "normal" side to the perfectly curated lives of those we follow. Although, where are the flower crown filters Insta?

  I would love for the Libby Living Colorfully Snapchat to be filled with fun recipes, food and travel pics, products I'm loving and of course, all things colorful. I love getting recommendations! Who knows, maybe I'll hope on the new Instagram feed as well! 

To follow, simply find me @libbyras or open Snapchat, press down on your screen, and scan my icon below! 

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Catching Up

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Yikes! Sorry it's been a while. Between multiple trips home to Wisconsin and busy weeks and weekends, there's been a lot to catch up on! Until then, here are a few links of things I've been loving lately.

In case you missed it...

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My Office Makeover Plans

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Due to some renovations taking place at my law firm in the upcoming months, I am saying goodbye to my current office space and hello to something very very new - an open cubicle.  While my initial reaction was less than enthused, I later realized, it's a chance to do something I love, redecorate.  My new desk will be limited in space as I will no longer have any wall shelving or bookcases so I need to brainstorm ideas on how to keep things, neat and orderly.  In spite of the new Google headquarters-esque space, it is a corporate law firm, so I will have to limit my creative liberties.  To gather some inspiration, I turned to some of my favorite bloggers for tips and visuals on what their office spaces look like.  

Source:  The Everygirl
Source:  The Every Girl

One thing is for certain, I am taking Waiting on Martha's lead and lining my cork board with the Thibault Tanzania paper. I love the simplicity of the speckled print.  Luckily, I found something very similar for about one-tenth of the cost.  Another office trend I love are the hints of orange Hermès boxes and bags here and there.  To compromise, I will most certainly be picking up one of these gorgeous square lacquer trays from West Elm, in orange of course. 

Kate Spade Ikat storage boxes ($62) - These will be great to keep small desk items in.  The bottom box will be useful for confidential papers and briefs. 

S'well water bottle ($35) - Everyone seems to be raving about these water bottles! I'm definitely picking up one to keep my ice water nice and cool throughout the day. 

Acrylic Tape Dispenser ($8) 
Kate Spade Acrylic Stapler ($28) - I mean, this is just too cute.

Target Gold Task Lamp ($25) - Even if your office is well-lit, you should always have a lamp for extra light and ambiance when it gets later. 

Rachel George Vegan Leather Office Chair ($255) 

Let's Talk Shop Card Holder ($30) - If you have business cards, you should always have them on your desk. Even if you aren't handing them out at work, you never know when you'll need to snag some before an out of the office meeting. 

Mintwood Home Gold Pineapple ($29) - Perfect for holding paperclips and nick-knacks. 

Live the Life you Love Tray ($25) - You can really never have too many trays..

Kate Space All Occasions Card Set ($30) - I've gone through 2 boxes and might need a third. This box set comes with: Hello, Thank You,  Congratulations, Sending you Love, and Happy Birthday cards.  Perfect for those last-minute letters. 

 Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree ($45) - This little guy will likely outgrow my new office space, but for the time being, having a little greenery will be nice. 

The Aestate Artwork Pieces - I'm excited for two of my favorite prints! They're currently being framed by my friends at Framebridge

Decorative Paper ($7-$28) - This will be a great way to cover the cork board built-ins and looks just like my favorite Thibaut wallpaper.