What I'm Using to Get a Whiter Smile

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Sheer White! Strips ($24)

Before starting this whitening journey, I went to West End Dental for a routine cleaning. I explained to my dentist that I wanted to get the results of a professional whitening treatment, for obviously, much less $$$.  She immediately recommended these Sheer White! strips.  So far, I've used them twice and have already noticed a difference. What I love most is that the strips are designed for sensitive teeth.  I don't typically have sensitive teeth, but some whitening strips have been known to cause pain and irritation the day after use, not these! 


The Koffie Straw ($13.97) 

Meet my new favorite item, the Koffie Straw.  These straws make it easy to sip my morning coffee and afternoon tea without staining my teeth. Koffie straws were created by an Aunt and Nephew looking to fill a void in the marketplace. Unlike regular straws, Koffie Straws are made from 100% FDA certified silicone so they’re safe under high temperatures. They’re also reusable, dishwasher safe, and designed to fit perfectly in your to-go cup. Great for Mother's Day too! 


Baking Soda Paste ($2) 

 Baking soda is a great way to clean stains off your clothes, counter tops, and teeth. How can a simple mixture of baking soda and water whiten your teeth? Well, baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, contains a chemical compound that makes it a great mild abrasive.  This same abrasiveness helps to effectively remove surface stains from your teeth and make them appear whiter.  In all honesty, I've tried this maybe 3-4 times in the past month, and would advise to do so sparingly. 

WooBamboo! Toothbrushes - Set of 4 - ($14)

So, I've been told by my dentist that I'm an aggressive tooth-brusher which made me laugh, but she warned that I was actually causing some damage to my gums. To help with this, she suggested getting a softer bristle toothbrush and using my less dominant hand to brush.  WooBamboo brushes are perfect for this. They have a "super soft brush head" to help ease-up on my gums.  The best part, they are made from organically grown bamboo and are antimicrobial (bamboo is actually naturally antimicrobial (the same reason cutting boards are made from bamboo!) This means that theoretically, you don't have to worry about bacteria growing on the handle (which is also biodegradable.) So many great reasons to use a WooBamboo toothbrush. 


Crest 3D Whitestrips LUXE TEETH Whitening ($54.95) 

Crest Whitestrips take only 30 minutes to activate and whiten my teeth.  They're really easy to just throw on and do something else.  I slide these puppies on right before my post-workout shower or during an episode of Broad City.  Nothing better than multitasking. 
They do have a tendency to make my teeth a little sensitive, but I just take it as a sign that they're hard at work! 

Rocky Mountain Essentials
Coconut Activated Charcoal ($15.99)

Cleans And Whitens Teeth, Detoxifies the Body. I usually dip my wet toothbrush in the powder and scrub to whiten my teeth.  It's also a great way to detox and calms an upset stomach.  Just mix in a tablespoon into a glass of water with a little lemon and enjoy!


Rocky Mountain Essentials

 The charcoal whitener binds to tannins, which are elements found in wine, coffee, and green tea that stain your teeth.  I love how this feels, especially after using the whitening strips, which tend to make my teeth feel tender.  I recommend using it in the shower when brushing, as it can get a little messy. 

Wearing Lipstick - Sticking to Cooler Undertones Instead of Coral

According to, "Pinks tend to be trickier than reds, since they lack the dark contract that can make teeth pop.  But still, same rule applies: Be wary of orange, and go for softer, berry-hued pinks." Taking this advice, I picked up a tube of MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Elegant Accent for $22.

St. Tropez Facial Tanning Oil ($35) 

Using a similar tactic as the lipstick, by wearing a bottled glow, it gives me a contrast between my skin and teeth, making them look just a tad brighter than usual.  

What are your teeth-whitening tricks? Comment and let me know!

*Special thanks to West End Dental, Koffie Straw, WooBamboo, and Rocky Mountain Essentials for sending me these products. All opinions are my own.