My 5 Spring Skincare Favorites

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Something about spring makes me want to get my skin in shape. In summer, I wear less makeup and try to create that natural glow without harsh sun exposure. Other than my GO TO, sunscreen, I am a sucker for Vitamin C serums and when I asked my girl @jennrog about the serum she uses, she had GLOWING reviews about @heladerm. I’ve been using their Vitamin C serum the past 2 months or so and now it’s an essential in my AM routine. If you want to know more, check out my latest post on the blog for more skincare favorites under $50.


Powder Sunscreen - Last time I was at Celadon in DC for a facial (my favorite place) the owner, Judith, sent me home a tube of Eminence Sun Defense with SPF 30. In addition to liquid sunscreen that I apply every morning, I love bringing this tube around with me to touch up a few times during the day. Not only does it help reduce my nose and forehead shine, it protects my skin from the sun! If you’re in DC, please visit Celadon to purchase this product and support local businesses!

Mango Balm Dot Com - Believe the hype. The Mango Balm Dot Com from Glosser is as good as everyone says it is. Especially in time for summer, it’s like a little vacation on your lips. Use this BFF code with a new email for 10% off your order.

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Lavender Facial Mist - Something I can’t say enough (other than wear sunscreen) is, if you want a well moisturized face, you need to provide it with moisture. This is a serious duh statement but I think there are so many people out there who thing that oils and serums alone with provide their skin with moisture alone. Wrong. What they do is they keep moisture in, which is great, but the good moisture needs to get there in the first place.  Enter facial mists. I use a facial mist right after showering or washing my face for that added spray of moisture before applying my Vitamin C serum. Really, any facial mist will do (I love this one from Caudalie too) but this Cordial Organics Lavender Hydrosol CBD mist is my favorite, especially before bed. Again, if you’re in DC, please visit Take Care Shop to purchase this product and support local businesses! If not, you can order online here.

Vitamin C Serum - Something about summer (or approaching it) always makes me want to get my skin in shape. In summer, I wear less makeup and try to create that natural glow without harsh sun exposure. Other than my GO TO, sunscreen, I am a sucker for Vitamin C serums and when I asked my girl @jennrog about the serum she uses, she had GLOWING reviews about @heladerm’s Vitamin C Serum. I’ve been using their Vitamin C serum the past 2 months or so and now it’s an essential in my AM routine. Shop the Heladerm Serum on Amazon here!

Bag Balm - You heard me. This stuff is called Bag Balm and if you’re a kid from the Midwest, you probably know it better as “Udder Balm” yes, like as in a cow udder. Growing up my hands would get so chapped and wind burned because I refused to wear gloves in like NEGATIVE 40 DEGREE WISCONSIN WEATHER. Oof. My Dad would slather on a thick coat of this on my hands and BAM, the next day they would be restored.  I personally use it on my elbows and sometimes my lips. It’s not light, and it doesn’t smell great, but it gets the job done and it’s like $6.

My 10 Beach Essentials - LDW Edition

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1. Sunscreen - I'm really trying to be a stickler for sunscreen, especially when it comes to my face. Lately I've been loving this roll-on sunscreen that looks like a stick of deodorant. It goes on really clean and blends into my skin without feel heavy. Something else I've learned, that your hair also needs sun protection.  A friend also suggested I try this Brush on Broad Spectrum sunscreen, which is literally a bronzer brush that has mineral powder sunscreen to keep you protected when you don't necessarily have a bottle of sunblock on you.  Very intriguing. I'm also very into this Coola Makeup Setting Spray with SPF 30 - for those of us who like to wear a little makeup to the beach (I know you're out there.)

2. Beach Blanket  - I have a serious bias toward the colorful Las Bayadas beach blankets.  They're lightweight, easy to wash, and more importantly, colorful.  I got mine from the Waiting On Martha Shop.  Here are some other colors:

3. Sunnies - I'm not typically someone who owns more than 2 pair of sunglasses at a time. When I like something, I want to wear it all the time and I want be able to wear it with whatever. This is no exception when it comes to sunglasses.  After what honestly felt like years of searching for the perfect pair, I finally found this pair of Ray Bans.  When I say these look good on everyone, I really mean it. My guy friends have worn these, and even 6 of my best friends tried them on, all with different complexions, hair color, face shape, etc. and they looked great on everyone.  I think I may have found the Traveling Pants of sunglasses. 

4. Cover Up - Cover ups are a great way to keep clothing light and easy at the beach. Lightweight linen coverups are breathable and easy to dry. What I didn't know is that there are a lot of great companies that make coverups that have sun protection built in.  Take Cabana Life for example, all of their items have built in sun protection. I own this Moroccan tile printed tunic in blue and absolutely love the look and the feel. Best part, it blocks 98% of UV rays. 

5. Swimsuit (Duh) - Do we need to discuss in detail? Prob not, so here are just a few swim suits I'm laaaaaahving. Also, here's the first one-piece I've owned in about 14 years and it's the softest, most flattering suit ever. 

6. Drinks on the Go - Finding the perfect and more importantly, portable drink for the beach is v. important.  So when Seagram's sent me their new line of Escapes drinks, I immediately saw myself bringing them to the beach with me.  


7. Sandals - I've become a woman obsessed with Madewell's sandals. If I could have a pair in every color, I obviously would. These are also a great option (I wear them almost every day.)

8. Water Bottle - I got my first S'well water bottle a few years ago and have since been hooked.  If you haven't used one yet and have only heard the hype, believe it. 100% This bottle keeps my water cold in spite of how hot its surroundings are.  I'm sure you can only imagine how crazy I went over this collaboration that S'well did with my favorite photographer, Gray Malin

9. Light Reading - So I'm pretty bad at sitting still, especially at the beach. I've never really been able to nap or read at the beach but it's definitely something I could improve on.  A few light reads that I've enjoyed lately include: The Girls, Men Explain Things to Me, The Interestings, and I Take You

10. Beach Bag -  My friend recently started her own company and these Bodnar bags are some of my favorites for summer. As a larger bag, a highly recommend this straw tote. And my other favorite, SCOUT bags. I take this big bag everywhere, the grocery store, weekends away, and yes, the beach. 

Where are you all traveling this Labor Day Weekend? I can't believe it's already (almost) September. Eek.

Beauty for Breakfast: Morning Skin Routine

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My skin is truly at its best in the summer.  I wear less make-up, more sunscreen, and try my best to hydrate more. All good things, but occasionally I need a little recharge and reminder. I'm noticing sunspots where none used to be.  I sometimes "forget" to wash my face at night and properly remove my mascara. And, like many of us, are 100% guilty of not drinking enough water.  So here's a little reminder to myself that I thought I would share with you all. 


Sunscreen - I've talked about this before but you guys, I really mean it. We MUST use sunscreen on our faces every. single. day.  It's so important. Not just for the obvious reasons *cough cough* wrinkles but that harmful sun damage that newsflash, your Botox or chemical peel wont be able to combat the rest of your life.  Being "naturally tan" shouldn't be your excuse anymore and I certainly wont say it anymore either.  Also, most "built-in" SPFs aren't strong enough which is why I use a liberal amount (quarter-size) or more on my face and neck every morning. Yes, it's going to be a little thick at first but this is when you can take the time to drink some tea or even better, Restorative H2O (see below) and let it absorb into your skin. This R+F sunscreen is easily my favorite. 

Lifting Youth Creme - I was given this creme as a gift from Saks in Tysons a few months ago and have been hooked. Just a little bit of this creme goes a long way, which is great considering this is quite the luxury skincare item. What is does: It's infused with the brand's exclusive Floralixir™ Dew, and promises stunningly radiant, youthful skin. Yes please. It also delivers Ultimate Lift technologies and rejuvenating nourishment.  The Floralixir Dew helps to reawaken the skin powers of visible regeneration, strength and youthful renew. I apply just a little bit on the tops of my cheeks, forehead and neck.

Vitamin C Serum – In addition to protecting my skin via sunscreen, I also use a Pure Vitamin C serum to help boost collagen production, which provides an anti-oxidant protection and exfoliates my skin and gives it a natural glow. Pure Vitamin C can penetrate faster and deeper into the skin when applied.  I typically use a few drops on my face, neck, and the tops of my hands.

Foam Cleanser – The best way for me to really rid my face of any makeup or surface impurities is with this La Prairie foam cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling calm, smooth, and purified. I’ve found in the past that some cleansers that I use tend to feel like they take off almost too much of my skins natural oils and leave it feeling dry and dehydrated.  I’ve stuck with this one for a while because it leaves my skin soothed and hydrated.


Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Serum – I was sent this serum to try a few weeks ago and have used it nearly every day ever since. It’s essentially a two-for-one with its combined powerful collagen-stimulating peptides and advanced anti-aging properties with potent plant stem cells. The formula is really smooth and infused with rejuvenating vitamin B3 and stable time-released vitamin C to visibly diminish the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles. I’ve had some spots on my nose and cheeks for a while and this has definitely made them less noticeable, to me at least. I’ve been using a lot of it at night and a little in the morning.  I love the way it applies and feels cool on my skin after a hot shower. 


Ice Rolling

I’ve discussed the benefits of ice rolling before numerous times, particularly in this post. But in the summertime, I feel like my skin craves it the most.  Ice rolling is a favorite morning routine of mine because it cools my face after a hot shower or de-puffs after a night of drinks or salty food.  Typically, I’ll ice roll after applying my brightening serum and sunscreen.  The roller helps to evenly disperse the products into my skin, acting almost as a paint roller.

Beauty & Restorative Water

This year I got verrry very into Collagen Peptides.  I add a scoop to my coffee, water, cereal, you name it. So when JRINK launched their new line of Restorative Beauty waters, I was alllll about it.  We all know that beauty comes from within (blah blah blah) but really, it truly does.  What we put into our system plays a serious role in how we look and feel.  JRINK covered four essential bases for their waters and I’m seriously hooked. The four waters include: GLOW (Pure Rose, Collagen, Lemon, Beet, Alkaline H20) for glowing skin.  RELAX (Pure Lavender, Lemon, Beet, Alkaline H20) for stress relief, and relaxation. NOURISH (Pure Blue Pea, Collagen, Lemon, Alkaline H20) for your hair. Fun fact: Blue Pea is an excellent source of Bioflavinoid. Never heard of it? Well, it boosts hair growth and health. DETOX (Chlorophyll, Mint, Probiotic Acidophilus, Alkaline H20) for a cleaner, healthier liver. 

Interested in trying out JRINK's new Resorative Waters? Do it. I love them. Make sure to use my friends + family code LIBBY10 at the checkout to save 10% on your first online order.  

Remember, wear sunscreen, get enough rest, and drink plenty of water to stay prettttty this summer.  Thanks for letting me try out these waters JRINK! *As always, all of my opinions are my own. 

I'm 25 and I Just Started Wearing Sunscreen

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Okay so maybe I didn't just start wearing sunscreen but 25 is definitely the year I swore I would start taking sun exposure and protection seriously.  We've all read in magazines and have been warned by older girlfriends that 25 is when sh*t starts to hit the fan.  It's more difficult to lose weight, the hangovers get progressively worse, and the fine lines and wrinkles start to rear their ugly heads.  While serums, lotions, and brightening creams are always great anti-aging methods, I've learned just how important it is to start with the source of the wrinkles, which for many women, is sun exposure.  Fact: UV rays account for 80% of skin aging. 

I consider myself pretty lucky to have a great group of girlfriends who are dedicated to their skincare.  A lot of my recent sun care regimens have been inspired by their methods. Whether it's wearing a big beach hat, or swearing off tanning beds and hitting up the spray tan, my old habits are slowly diminishing as their healthy ones are starting to rub off.  

Don't get me wrong, I'm long past the days of fake-baking in high school, and those who know me well know I'm awful at sitting still and frying on the beach.  I am however, guilty of using the occasional "I have naturally tan skin and rarely burn" argument.  Cringe.  

In my attempt to start being better about overall sun protection, I researched a lot of products. What was most important to me was that I found a great every day facial and overall sunscreen, a that the products were organic. 

After doing some more reading on the differences between traditional chemical sunscreen and organic sunscreen, I was surprised by what I found.  Similar to many Chemical Deodorants sold in stores, I discovered that many popular sunscreen brands are packed with less than ideal ingredients like silicone, parabens, and micro plastics. Soon after, I was introduced to BIOSOLIS, an organic, eco-friendly, sun protection line which uses mineral UV filters for sun protection.  Back in the day, mineral UV sunscreen would leave a white layer on the skin surface (think sunscreen on the lifeguard's nose.) BIOSOLIS however, revolutionized these mineral UV filters, making them both invisible, non-toxic, and most importantly, effective for sun protection. I love that this line has sun protection in different stages: before, during, and after.  

While summer might be coming to a close, I need to remember that sun protection needs to happen year round.  Special thanks to BIOSOLIS for sending me these products and educating me on the importance of using organic, chemical-free sunscreens. 

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