Moroccan Oil

That Shimmery Moroccan Oil I Use At The Beach & Honestly Everywhere

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Hello, and welcome to my LOVE/HATE relationship with the sun.  

I don't hate, the sun, but I also don't love it either and I wouldn't consider myself a real beach person, per se.  I grew up on lakes and spent most of my childhood summers in Wisconsin running around without sunscreen and jumping in the water when I got hot.  That being said, as an adult, I really enjoy the beach and have gotten much better at sitting still and relaxing (two things, admittedly, I'm horrible at.) 

Which is funny, because given my skintone, you would think that I lay outside without sun protection on the regular.  And while I love to soak up some rays here and there, I'm actually pretty nervous about skin cancer and wrinkles. Helllllloooo SPF.  But, even as a kid, I was tan. I mean, I was actually really tan.  Probably more tan than I am now. 


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Pleeeease note the difference in the potatoes on my legs, also known as "knees", compared to my Mother's arms.  Yes, I definitely get my skin tone from my Dad's Danish side of the family.  
Also, where can I get that bunny romper with ear as the straps in like, my size now. 

Moving on. Something I have been loving, while embracing most importantly, sun protection, is my summer glow and this oil that compliments it so so well. 

And by compliment, I mean, it's like "DAMN LIBBY LOOK AT THOSE SPARKLING SHOULDERS!" That kind of compliment. Anyway, Blue Mercury sent me this product last summer and I used it a little at the tail end. But this summer, I almost never leave the house without applying it. 

WHAT IT IS: Radiant body oil for touchable, healthy-looking skin in a proprietary formula powered by antioxidant-rich argan and sesame oils with soft pearlescent mineral to create a subtle shimmer on the skin. Delicately fragranced with the signature Moroccan oil scent. Paraben-free.

BENEFITS: Infuses skin instantly with a deeply nourishing blend of antioxidant-rich argan oil and sesame oil, absorbing quickly to moisturize lackluster skin, while soft pearlescent minerals shimmer for a radiant look and feel.

Argan Oil: With its high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, it luxuriously hydrates and infuses skin with moisture.
Sesame Oil: For intense nourishment and moisturizing of the skin.

I love it so much I wanted to write this post about it solely, and HIGHLY encourage you to get some. It's a little on the pricier side, but it lasts a long time and only a few drops goes a long way.  Bonus: it moisturizes without feeling too oily.  

Now go show off that glow, baby. 


*Disclaimer: This product was provided by Blue Mercury DC last year but did not sponsor this post. As always, all of my opinions are my own! 

6 Ways to Get Stronger Healthier Hair

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So I'll admit, I'm not the best at practicing what I preach when it comes to hair.  I know I shouldn't over-brush or over-shampoo. I know I shouldn't blow out my hair every day, or avoid monthly trims, yet I do it.  And worst of all, I sleep with it in a ponytail every. single. night. Yikes. So I've made it a personal challenge lately to gradually start changing my ways and here's what has been working.

Vitamins - I've started eating Biotin Chews every day. Usually around 3pm when I need a little sugar rush (they taste just like Starbursts).  A Harvard study established biotin as one of the essential nutrients for preserving hair strength, texture and appearance. Fish oil is another great option as well. Can't hurt right? 

Shampoo - So I've really tried not to, but not washing my hair isn't an option.  It's too fine and when I wake up in the morning my hair is completely tossed to one side à la Donald Trump.  I have however started to use Sulfate-Free shampoos to protect my natural oils.  Sulfates are meant to cleanse hair and get rid of dirt and oil.  This cleansing can often strip fragile hair of the oils and proteins needed to keep it strong.  The fact is, sulfates are not a must-have ingredient for taking care of your hair.  So why bother right? My absolute favorite Sulfate-Free products are the Hair Expertise: EverPure Repair & Defend line from Loreal Paris. It keeps the good oils in my hair and smells amazing. 

Wet Brush - After countless recommendations from friends, I finally got a Wet Brush and will never look back.  As someone who is pretty rough when brushing my hair, the Wet Brush has more give and helps getting out the knots without tugging at the hair. When I misplaced my Wet Brush the other day, I used my old brush and it actually hurt my scalp. I've also noticed a difference in how often I need to "empty" my Wet Brush.  Before using it, I had to empty my brush once a week because it was pulling out so much hair.  With my Wet Brush, it's more like every 2 weeks. 

Turn Down the Heat - For years I would blow out my hair with high heat.  It was quick and easy, and gave my hair the volume I thought I needed. It might seem like a small step, but it's made a difference - I simply use medium heat now.  Sure it takes a bit longer, but I've noticed a huge difference in the way my hair looks and feels when I use a lower heat setting.

Argan Oil - If you have dry, brittle hair like me, once a week do an overnight deep conditioning treatment with Moroccan argan oil. I'll warm about 4-6 drops in my hands before massaging into my scalp. I usually apply it all the way to the ends, twist, and place in a sleep bun before bed.  This is probably my favorite product/scent ever. Don't settle for the other brands, please.

Sleeping Bun -  So I haven't been doing this long, but Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential swears by it and even posted a fun tutorial on how it she does her sleep bun. All you need are these fun Crocodile Clips which you can find at your local Drybar or Sephora.  For someone like me, who cannot sleep with their hair down, this is a great alternative to a ponytail.


**Special thanks to Influenster and L'Oréal Paris for sending me the EverPure Repair & Defend hair line. All opinions are my own.