Gifts for Her - A Few Ideas for Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is less than 2 weeks away which means you have juuuuust enough time to get the amazing woman in your life something special.  While I'm a big proponent of sending some quality snail-mail, a little somethin' somethin' for, THE AMAZING PERSON who raised you (shout out to my very own, M-O-M) is always a good idea.  And, I made it easy for you by featuring some of my favorite items from Amara, which essentially screams "all the things I want my kid to get me for Mother's Day." You're welcome. 

New In The Shop: GENTS

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We now have a SHOP section just for the guys. Great to use as a gift-guide for the men in your life! 
Check it out here or see the latest and greatest below! 

Pop Lock and (Don't) Drop It

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 Yes, I drop my phone 

And it's getting pretty old.  While I haven't cracked the actual screen (thank god for glass screen protectors) in about a year, I can tell that every time it hits the pavement, it takes a toll on my precious sidekick.  And frankly, I'm over it.  Until I found out about PopSockets - a nifty and inexpensive little device you stick to the back of your phone, pop up, and use to hold and anchor your grip when walking around, taking a photo, or even as a little kickstand to watch videos. 

My favorite part, I got to customize my own PopSocket. The customization option makes these puppies perfect for gift-giving (perhaps for a bachelor(ette) outing).  I chose to use the Beverly Hills Hotel Banana Leaf print (obviously) with the hot pink accordion.  However, I'm loving the donut and bagel option. Maybe next time! 

PopSocket Pro Tip: If your Popsocket loses its stickiness from frequent moving or from getting dirty, you can rinse and reclaim its stickiness. Rinse the gel under water and let dry for about an hour and restick!


Make sure to check out Popsocket's Shop, Facebook and Instagram for more! 

*Special thanks to PopSocket for sending me my adorable custom PopSocket. This is actually my iPhone's life savor. All opinions are my own.



Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Mother's day is right around the corner and if your Mom is anything like mine, she'll never ask for anything more than a card or a long phone call. Maybe this is the year you do that, and something a little extra.  Here are some great ideas to make the best women in the world, Moms, feel special. 

Voluspa 'Maison Jardin - Amaranth & Jasmine' Scented Candle ($27) 

Smeg Vintage Blender ($225)


Silk Pajamas - Olivia Von Halle ($460) Similar for Less

Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home Book ($20)


Soapwalla Organic Deodorant ($14)

Kate Spade Crossbody ($198) Monogram it!

Glossier Priming Moisturizer ($25) 

Last but not least, make sure to snag a cute card, they're the best part! These cards from Anthropologie are too cute. 

Pattern Play - Katie Kime Designs

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Katie Kime has arguably one of the most eclectic lifestyle brands we've seen in a while.  Katie has appropriately described her style as:

"Preppy Chic Goes Globe-Trotting - Is Noted for Southern Sensibility with Global Influences.  Bohemian and Bourgeois. Traditional Shapes Meet Colorful, Modern Prints. Optimistic, Bright and Often Unexpected."

Say no more and sign us up. 
We can't get enough of Katie's bold wallpaper, furnishings, and clothing. 
Make sure to check out Katie Kime and stock up for summer!
Here are just a few of our favorites.

Marble Eleanor Bench ($895) 
Ginger Jar Top ($125) 
Cherry and Coral Chevron Pillow ($92)
Pink Birdcage Chair ($1895)
Rainbow Rope Necklace ($135) **Provides 24 Vaccinations
Geometric Lines Ice Bucket ($52)
Golden Alligator ($72)
Banana Cocktail Napkin Set ($32) 
Gold X Bench ($535)

**Through a partnership with the United Nations Shot@Life campaign and Bloom + Grace, each jewelry piece purchased provides lifesaving vaccinations to children in developing countries. 

In addition to Katie's adorable shop, it comes to no surprise that her home would look just as amazing.  Make sure to check out the full home tour on Lonny

Swing by the Katie Kime Shop and Instagram for more gift and home decor ideas!

Some Beach - Best Summer Beach Towels

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Summer is just around the corner (thank god) and we're pretty excited for the warm breeze and suntans.  Other than a beach bag, sunscreen, and an icy marg, there really isn't much else to soaking up the sun, with the exception of a fun, colorful, beach towel to go with it.  Nothing feels better then wrapping up in a giant, sunscreen-scented towel after a dip in the pool or ocean - if you're lucky enough.  Here's a list of our favorite beach towels and blankets. We're LOVING the giant circle towels as well.  Get them while they last!