The Easiest DIY Turmeric Mask for Better Skin

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On days that I work from home, I try to make skincare a priority. I'm not wearing makeup and have time to sit, decompress, and get what I need to get done, while of course, using a barrage of masks and serums. Today I wanted to try something new - a DIY turmeric mask. 


Four Simple Ingredients

  • Flour

  • Turmeric 

  • Face oil or almond or olive oil

  • 2 tbls almond milk 

For application, I love using these super soft mask brushes from Hansderma

**Important - make sure you're careful with this mask. Turmeric Stains Everything. So proceed with caution. I recommend washing the mask off in the shower before you're ready to hit the town.  


DIY: Decorative Party Food Picks

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So the other day I was making these Mini Chicken and Waffle Sliders and realized that the toothpicks I was using were a little well, boring.  Then I remembered spotting some adorable ideas on Etsy.  See here here and here. With limited supplies and time, I took to my craft supply box and got started.  I seem to always have a stockpile of streamers and tissue paper in my apartment, so I decided to make these tissue paper food picks - inspired by my favorite, Studio DIY. 


Tissue paper or Streamers


I chose to use streamers for timing and convenience and was shocked at how good they looked. Better yet, they really were so easy.  Consider this my next sitting-on-the-couch-craft-project. Thanks Studio DIY for yet another great craft idea! 

Photography by Libby Rasmussen and Studio DIY

DIY Kate Spade Bow Pillow

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How cute are thee DIY pillows from Kate Spade? Such an easy way to incorporate a little whimsy to a couch or chair.  We love what Kristin Jackson from hunted interior did with the stripe fabric here for her daughter's room.  

Chloe's Umbrella Door 01.jpg

It's really easy to find fabric by the yard on Etsy.  Saves you a trip to the craft or fabric store!
What fabric would you choose?  We love this Palm Leaf Print (of course) and better yet, it's on sale! 

DIY Monogram Jewelry Tray for Under $7

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If you've ever looked into purchasing a monogrammed item, you know that personalizing can get a little pricey. While more stores offering a monogramming option to a product (Mark & Graham, Pottery Barn, West Elm to name a few)  the easiest, most affordable option is simply to Do It Yourself. 

Source: Libby Living Colorfully

Source: Libby Living Colorfully

First find an item you want to monogram. The options are nearly endless. I chose to add a monogram to a small, ceramic bento plate from CB2 for a mere $1.95.

Source: Libby Living Colorfully

Source: Libby Living Colorfully

I then looked to Etsy for a Monogram Decal. There are plenty of options when it comes to color, size, and monogram font.  I chose a more traditional circular monogram to contrast with the square bento plate. 

Source: Libby Living Colorfully

Source: Libby Living Colorfully

Once I received the decal in the mail, I cleaned the surface of the plate, removing any dust or smudges, and peeled the decal on the plate.  To smooth it out, gently use a credit card to remove any wrinkles or air bubbles. 

Source: Libby Living Colorfully

Source: Libby Living Colorfully

In total the cost of this DIY was less than $7 and makes for the perfect personalized gift.
Here are some other options you could add a monogram decal to:

Square Lacquer Tray
Pencil Jar
Ceramic Vase
Business Card Holder
Coffee Mug