A Bright Idea with C by GE

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Lighting. It can truly make or break a room's aesthetic and even our mood and sleep cycles. For me, depending on the time of day, I almost always love a bright, white, lighting that helps me feel refreshed and yes, is the best for capturing the perfect 'gram. At night however, I love a soft warm light to read by, which I usually get from the 10 candles in my room (oops!)  

You guys, these are seriously the coolest things I own at the moment. GE crafted this amazing lighting solution called C by GE. There are two different bulbs, C Life and C Sleep.  C Sleep, are bulbs that change color during different times of the day to reinforce the body's natural rhythm without impeding melatonin production to prepare for sleep.  These light bulbs help support the body's natural sleep and wake cycle.  So cool right? 

The C Sleep bulb comes with three distinct settings: for morning, midday, and evening light, all with the ability to sync to my circadian rhythms. 

And you can control them on your phone with their app.  Seriously, nothing feels more luxurious than getting into bed and dimming my lights (all at once or individually) from my iPhone.  

If you don't feel like changing the lighting yourself, you can set up and name custom lighting scenes for the occasion or the hour. Think "Rise & Shine" or "Reading Hour" or "Movie Time."  My favorite is having the warm light dimmed for when I get home at night.  I actually feel like my sleep has improved because of the soft glow.  (If only I could stop playing with my phone before bed.) 

Another option is to sync your C by GE bulbs with the "Follow the Sun" Setting, which automatically transitions the light settings as the day passes.  Great for the living room or kitchen. 

Interested? Check out the C by GE starter pack.
While these might seem like a luxury item, keep in mind that the LED bulbs can last up to 20 years! Definitely worth the investment.


The products mentioned were given to me by GE but I 100% love, use, and recommend this product.  Thanks GE!

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