Let's Get Real - Some Thoughts on Overproduced Blogs & Social Media

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Photo:  Kate Headley  

Photo: Kate Headley 

Let's Get Real

I have a confession. I’ve been a bad blogger recently. Part of it is being too busy and just living in the moment of early summer and the other half of it is getting a little bogged down.

What I mean is this struggle we all have with social media perfection.  And there’s always a lot of talk about the way social media skews our ideas of reality and the pressures we put on ourselves to produce photos and narratives that people will “like” yet, not much is changing.

Admittedly, for the most part, I really try not to care. I don’t hire photographers to take 3-4 hours of staged #outfitoftheday photos. I don’t get invited to every fabulous event or party. And I certainly don’t have the most followers or likes. And I really mean it; these things don’t keep me awake at night or dictate my day to day, like, at all.

Sure, I’m lucky to have talented friends who snap some shots of me or my apartment from time to time. I try my best to attend events and be in “the know” about what’s happening in DC, all while having fun with my friends.  And, I’m proud of the social media following I’ve established over the years without buying or “selling out” (more on that later.) Especially those connections that have turned into friendships. 


What I am guilty of, is not blogging more than I want to because, well shit, in my opinion, things on social media have gotten SO. OUT. OF. CONTROL. 

The outfits. The poses. The locations. The staging.

Remember when people were bloggers or influencers because they were just “doing them” and people admired them for that? They were “gals about town” and knew the people around them, without the internet. They went to new places; they had great advice and recommendations galore.

I know. I’m re-reading this after typing and could argue both ways here. Those movers and shakers are still doing those things, and many of them are choosing to document them in a curated and well-produced way. Sometimes that means showcasing an outfit, a product, or a meal they love in a beautiful setting, with a talented photographer.  And a lot of them (and sometimes me) are cashing in on this content, which they totally should, as long as there’s transparency of course.  *Cough Cough* Shout out to those who influence and actually comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s Endorsement Guidelines.

But where do we draw the line? When does curation start to spiral out of control? Like, why are you wearing stilettos in your post about traveling tips in New Orleans (as a friend of mine mentioned below) on cobblestone streets???


Sure, sometimes it takes 48 damn selfies to get “the one” but at what point are you just wasting your time or other’s time getting that perfect-candid-mural-shot-on-your-tip-toes or letting dinner get cold??? I hope you know, I’m saying this to myself too.

If you’re getting paid for nearly every single post you do, when does it stop becoming you? When does YOUR voice shine through? What about the unsponsored drugstore blush you’ve loved for years? Or what about the less-than-grammable coffee shop you frequent because you just love it? I really don’t want to go down the rabbit hole about “selling out” because, honey, some of these bloggers make millions, yes millions, from these collaborations and I’m all about getting what’s yours.

What I will say is what I personally want to do.  I want to produce more content and no, it’s not always going to be beautifully photographed or staged.  But maybe sometimes it will be, because, I like to be creative and create visually appealing things. What I will say is, I will never mislead you into thinking I like something, when I truly don’t, just for profit or perfection. 

I started this blog because I wanted an escape from my previous legal job. I wanted to get to know people in my city and establish relationships and friendships with those around me.  There are perks of course of being an “influencer” - from gifts showing up on my door to an occasional complimentary meal. Even having the privilege to participate in a room makeover challenge (still not over this, clearly.)  But, I also try my best every day to establish GENUINE connections and feature relatable content.

So I suppose this is me saying, I’m going to do more of it from now on. Imperfectly.  

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Libby Living Colorfully Now on Snapchat! (Even with the Insta Update) @libbyras

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So I have to admit, I'm pretty addicted to Snapchat. Not just for snapping my own pics, but to see what everyone else is up to! Some of my favorite Snapchatters are fellow bloggers and creatives (see & follow my favs below).
While I'm a bit indifferent about the new Instagram Snapchat-like update, I have enjoyed seeing and feeling like I know my feed better.  Both Snapchat and now Instagram are giving us the opportunity to see the "normal" side to the perfectly curated lives of those we follow. Although, where are the flower crown filters Insta?

  I would love for the Libby Living Colorfully Snapchat to be filled with fun recipes, food and travel pics, products I'm loving and of course, all things colorful. I love getting recommendations! Who knows, maybe I'll hope on the new Instagram feed as well! 

To follow, simply find me @libbyras or open Snapchat, press down on your screen, and scan my icon below! 

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