24 Colorful Hours In Baltimore

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I fell in love with Baltimore this earlier this month…

And I already wish I was back, exploring the cutest historic areas and cool coffee shops. Baltimore reminds me of an edgier Milwaukee (which, you know I love.)

Rather than go through every.little.detail, because we really did quite a bit in 24 hours, I’ll break down the

I was there into categories.

First, how we got there

Turo - Say it with me now, Turrrrro. It’s like AirBnB, but for cars, and I’ve been using it for more than 4 years now.  I love it because you can rent essentially any car or SUV you like and from someone as close as your next-door neighbor.  One time, I used Turo from someone in my own apartment building, which was so so easy.  The best part, it puts money back in the pockets of people like you, who have a car and want to make a little extra $$$ for it. I reached out to them for a collab because I love them so much and thought you would like an alternative to a big corporate rental car company. Click here for $25 off your first trip!

So I picked up the car from a neighbor, (thanks Christopher) and off we went!  

Revival_GuestRooms_Double CRPD900x590.jpg

Where We Stayed


Hotel Revival - Shout out to Madison Short for suggesting I reach out to the Revival “this place is so you” she said and damn she was right. The boutique hotel donned a beautiful lobby (the wallpaper was insane) where we were greeted by THE nicest staff.  This is always the first thing I notice, I don’t care HOW pretty or ‘grammable your hotel is, if you’re not a welcoming and hospitable establishment, you’re nothing in my book. Hotel Revival was everything and more that at boutique hotel should be.

Our room was on the 14th floor, (unheard of in DC) where we stayed in the Junior Suite with a beautiful view overlooking the Washington Monument. Added bonus: the Jonathan Adler toiletries. Swoon. It’s the little things, you know. 

 The rooftop bar and restaurant, Topside was the perfect place for a bite and a drink. We hung out in the cutest, tropical, mid-century room Friday night before heading to the concert.

We also enjoyed some tea at the morning after and scoped out the record player karaoke rooms.  Yes, you heard me. They have karaoke rooms with record players. Very fun.

 While my stay was complimentary, I would 100% go back and recommend Hotel Revival. They take hospitality seriously, the rooms are very comfortable and the aesthetic was beautiful.


Where We Shopped

Second Chance - First stop was Second Chance, to check out all of the incredible oddities and massive storage unit that is about 45 degrees cooler inside than outside. Brrrr.  I suggest bringing an SUV if you plan on getting anything like a casual lime green chaise lounge or a baby grand piano. You know, the essentials.


Wishbone Reserve – I HAD BEEN WANTING TO GO HERE FOR SUCH A LONG TIME. I AM SHOUTING. I was soooo excited to finally walk in and see the beautiful items I’d been admiring for so long via their Instagram.

Hunting Ground – This shop is in an old church. Very, very cool.


TrohvThis place was really cute and highly recommended by many IG friends.  I liked it a lot, but it was a little too curated for my hoardy, creaky antique store-loving heart. Nonetheless it was super cute. Felt like a local version of Anthropolgie.

Strawberry Fields  - They had VERY inexpensive China. Like $2 a piece.

Bottle of Bread – Loved Bottle of Bread. I bought this adorable patch for my purse and admired all of the beautiful vintage pieces and vine-y pothos. **Make sure to stop by Bun Shop across the street for a coffee.

Sturgis Antiques - Cool and very curated.

Protean Records
This record store was one of our last stops before heading back to DC. Great selection and even better prices - most of the records were $8-14.


Where We Ate

 Golden West – Thanks to the IG friends who recommended this spot. The food was delicious (highly recommend the Banh Mi tacos) and the décor was beyond cool.

Bar Clavel – You must go. I’m not going to say much more other than, we ordered nearly everything on the dinner menu, and you must go.


Paper Moon DinerThis place is NUTS. Incredibly zany décor with childhood figurines. You’ll feel like you’re in an ISPY book. Get the Bacon Vanilla Milkshake. Trust me.


Bars & Coffee Shops

W.C. Harlan – Everyone was right, W.C. Harlan is beautiful in every aspect. I had what was probably the best Negroni I’ll ever have.


Bun Shop – A great place to stop by after shopping at Bottle of Bread. I didn’t try the pastries but they looked delicious.


Ram’s Head - Oh, yeah I forgot to mention the reason we went to Baltimore.  For Blood Orange – one of my favorite musicians. The concert was at Ram’s Head near the Inner Harbor, which if you live in DC, felt like 9:30 Club had a venue in Arlington. It was pretty large, we were super close to the stage and the sound system was great. I say Arlington because the area itself was newer and more developed than the rest of Baltimore. 


Visionary Art Museum – Whimsical and fun. Make sure to stop by the Visionary Art Museum, even if it’s for a quick walk through.

Graffiti Alley – Speaks for itself. Apparently it’s the only place in Baltimore where graffiti is illegal (I thought it was pretty much everywhere, no?) either way, it’s a colorful oasis that’s easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it. You have to pay for parking in the lot next door, but it’s 100% worth it.

Of course, there were tons of things I wanted to do while in Baltimore but for less than 24-hours, this is what we were able to accomplish and I’m very pleased with that.  I’ll be back VERY soon.

HUGE shout out to the Madison Short, who I consider to be the unofficial spokeswoman (for better or worse) of Baltimore. So many fun items on this list were visited thanks to Madison. Love ya cutie.