I Love Lola. Period.

BeautyLibby RasmussenComment

Targeted ads are pretty nuts. I’m sure we all have noticed that you can say something, even when it’s super obscure like “cat food” your next targeted ad is likely to be, you guessed it, cat food.  Even if you don’t have a cat. (This happened to me once - pretty hilarious.)

Sometimes targeted ads are wayyyy off, like the example above or totally spot on.  I’ve had a few that have caught my eye and prompted me to try. The Oui Shave razor, for example. I had been getting targeted ads for this STUN-NING razor for months until I caved and asked for one for Christmas.  (I love mine by the way.)

Another targeted ad came my way after, I assume, I was talking to my best friend about that time of the month.  

“We’re nearly 30 years old and still, we can never remember to buy tampons before our periods come. When will we learn?!”  

We laughed, probably wondering if this was the way it was always going to be.


Then, just like that, I started getting targeted ads for Lola. I was curious, looked at Instagram page and thought, “Huh, a tampon subscription service. What a no brainer.” I followed the page, swiped out of Instagram, and went on with my day.  

A few months came and went and so did my period. And of course, I would forget to buy tampons each time and think to myself “Damn. I should really sign up for Lola.”

It wasn’t until that same friend let me know she had been promoted (HOORAY!) at work to an incredible role at her company.  I thought back to our conversation, grown women, rising in their careers, feeling successful and confident, and yet again, still probably asking the intern in the bathroom for an extra tampon.  A damn shame.


Enough was enough.  

So I hopped on and signed us both up for subscription boxes. I made her an account using her email and my credit card and waited until she got the confirmation email from them.  LOL “Just something to lighten your load” we laughed as soon as she saw the email.

As I learned more about the company and the mission, I began to become a serious Lola brand-fan. Owned by two women who just wanted to make periods easier and honestly, getting my “product” before aunt flow, made the entire cycle less of a scene.  It was just something I had, and was prepared to deal with, every. single. month.

So then I started doing this pretty regularly for other friends.  They would get a promotion, or a breakup, I’d get them started with a subscription. One less thing for them to worry about. Now I just send friends my referral link but giving the gift of period ease was really fun.  


Since then, Lola has released a Sex line, with condoms, lubricant, and cleansing wipes - free of:

  • Parabens

  • Nitrosamines

  • Casein

  • Gluten

  • Glycerin

  • Synthetic Colorants

  • Synthetic Flavor

  • Fragrance

I love Lola so much, I reached out to them for this collaboration because it’s now a brand I love and trust and want to share with you! Ready to try Lola? Check out their instagram and shop here to start your subscription.