Two #Sponsored Skincare Items I ACTUALLY Use and Like

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So there's no secret that a lot of "influencers" in the beauty world and even outside of it, get a lot of beauty products.  Some of these beauty packages I know are coming. (I get an email from the PR company telling me a package is on the way) but many times, they just show up at my door.  Funny actually, my friend Diego gets makeup sent to his house all the time, in spite him not wearing any. It just happens.  

I try my best to test all the products out so I can speak to them and give you all honest reviews. I say this often, but it's worth reiterating, (especially in today's blogging world) I only post about products I genuinely like.  Just like I would never post about meal that wasn’t delicious, or a service that was sub-par, I don’t promote brands just for pay or free products.  

Additionally I don’t promote products (especially beauty) unless I’ve tried it for two weeks or longer. I mean, how can I tell you that something produces “results” without trying it for the recommended amount of time? SPOILER ALERT: Many of influencers don’t because of the tight deadlines a lot of beauty brands put on to produce content. Typically, when I get asked to try a product and produce content *if I like it*  I’ll send a response email saying “Sure, would love to try, but if you’re on a tight deadline, I’m not your girl. Please let me try this out and with enough time to write an honest, and thoughtful review.”

Maybe this annoys beauty partners, maybe it doesn’t. But if it does, that’s not my problem because they are not my priority for writing blog content. YOU ALL ARE.

Phew, that being said, here are two brands who were kind enough to send me some products to try, and also allowed me to try them with enough time to tell you how I like them!


If you follow my insta-stories, you saw that crazy foaming makeup removing face wash that I tried and love! It’s the Pearlosophy O2 Oxygen Super Cleanser. This is really fun to use because it literally foams up with little to no water and is super effective.  Rather than using face wash and then a toner or makeup remover to take off my makeup, this is a fun 2-in-1. Seriously, I used a white towel after and nothing came off after I used it and wiped off my face which as you might know, doesn’t happen often. It’s gentle and doesn’t have any harmful ingredients: no heavy metals, perfumes, preservatives or foaming agents.  And again, it’s so fun to use.

If you’re curious want to try it out - here’s my affiliate link or you can enter libbylivingcolorfully as the code! It’s $29 and comes with a 5 day travel pack. Coolness.

Next up, is a product from Cosmedix, a line that many of my friends have used and loved, but up until a month ago, I had never tried.  They sent me COSMEDIX Rescue+  (Rescue Plus) which is a thick mask/balm that you can use at night or in the morning.  I swear this came at the PERFECT time. Typically, I love popping a Vitamin E gel capsule open at night and rubbing it all over my lips and face.  It’s really thick and incredibly hydrating. But, I ran out, and exactly a week later, the COSMEDIX package showed up. Nice.


So when I say this stuff is thick, I  mean, it’s really thick. (If you've tried Weleda Skin Food, this has a very similar, if not thicker consistency.) You’re going to do some serious hydrating when you put this on and if you’re particular about consistencies on your face, this might not be your thing but, wow, I am so pleased with it.  Essentially, I use it at night a a multi-tasking product to serve a few purposes. I smear it on my entire face: my eyelids, brows, cheeks, and lips. MORE IMPORTANTLY, I put a big glob on my decolletage to help with sun damage and provide moisture to that part of my neck and chest, which we all know is the first sign of aging in women.

If you learn anything from this post, it should be “Never go to bed with a dry face” HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE.  I always think of my Grandmother and her amazing skin that was always sticky (in the best way) from moisturizers and Vaseline. She was always dewy at night and woke up looking well rested and soft.  

So, needless to say, I’m loving these two products enough to share them with you! The links you click on are affiliate links but as always, all of my opinions in the post are my own.