I Finally Tried a Subscription Box & It Wasn't Filled with Junk

ShoppingLibby RasmussenComment

One of the best parts of blogging for me, is getting to know other small businesses, especially those owned and operated by women. So when my good friend Kara (also owner of a small biz) told me about her friend's company, Luxor Box, I knew I wanted to hear more about it and get on board! 

For the longest time, I couldn't really get behind the whole subscription box thing.  My friends that have tried Birchbox seem to really like it, but I was hesitant. To me, most of those boxes seemed like well junk. Tiny samples of small lipsticks that didn't match my skin tone or obnoxious colored nail polishes that companies were clearly trying to get rid of - it just felt like something that would immediately go in my bathroom "junk drawer" in my bathroom (we all have them.)

In my opinion, what makes Luxor Box different from other subscription box companies is the quality. Take this Ciro Cell Daily Hydration sunscreen - it typically sells for $50 and is sold out on its own site.  I loved getting this sunscreen in the box because, one, sunscreen is life. #teamnowrinkles and two, it's clearly an item that people love, not some junky free sample that I could pick up from CVS. 

Overall, I genuinely enjoyed and wanted the products in the Luxor Box. They were so well packaged and curated and would make a perfect gift for a bride-to-be, mother, or friend. 
Special thanks to Kara Schab @rightfootcreative_ for the intro to Luxor Box and for these beautiful photos.  Make sure you check out Luxor Box and their insta for more info!