July To Do List

Libby RasmussenComment

Each month I say it, but can you believe it’s already JULY!? Before I let summer slip away, I wanted to make a little July To Do List. You may remember my 26 before 26 List from a while back, and I’m slowly but surely making small dents in it.

Make homemade sushi

Read 2-3 new books – Just finished The Girls. Amazing

Be better about sun protection

 Find the perfect rosé

Try 4 new restaurants in DC

Prep for trip to Charleston

Switch to chemical free & organic cleaning supplies

Start using a new nail color

Go to a concert

Revamp my barcart

I’m a firm believer in creating fun and easy lists to really live out the year, or in this case the month.  Let’s see how I do! In the meantime, does anyone have any recs? Favorite rosés or nail colors? Where do you like to go in Charleston? I’m ready for ya July.