How To: Fold a Fitted Sheet

How ToLibby RasmussenComment

It's probably safe to say that folding a fitted sheet is easily everyone's least favorite bedroom task. Really though, most of us try to fold this pesky bedding nicely but all too often clump it up and stuff into a linen closet.  

Until now...


1. Lay your fitted sheet with the open side and gathered corners facing up.
2. Fold a 6-inch (or so) border around the edges, so the ungathered edges and the gathered corners fall in line and you have 4 straight sides.
3. Fold in half, over and over until it's perfectly compact. 


If you're still struggling with this, check out this Martha Stewart video on more tips and tricks to folding a fitted sheet. Also, check out some of these adorable and affordable sheet sets. 

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