I'm Trying 8 Different Natural Deodorants So You Don't Have To

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Source:  Amy Lombard

Source: Amy Lombard

I've had a love/hate relationship with deodorant for quite some time now.  Admittedly, I knew nothing about it and often "forget" to wear it (& so does Kortney Kardashian) Ick and ew all you want, but other than during serious workouts, I'm not one to break a sweat. Frankly, when I do, I enjoy it - in the right setting of course.  Preventing my body from doing something that is natural and in some ways, gratifying, just feels wrong.  So with a bit of research and some amazing companies, I'm diving in, pits first, into a paraben and aluminum-free pool of organic deodorants.  

Curious to learn more about deodorants? Here are some fun facts courtesy of The Huffington Post.

  1. Deodorant Kills Bacteria - Sweat isn't inherently stinky. In fact, it's nearly odorless.  The smells come from bacteria that break down one of two types of sweat on your skin.  Deodorants contains antibacterial power to stop the smell before it starts, while antiperspirants deal with sweat directly.
  2. You Can Become Immune to Your Deodorant - It seems that our bodies do adapt to the sweat-thwarting ways of antiperspirants, but no one really knows why, HuffPost Style reported. The body may adapt and find a way to unplug the glands, or simply produce more sweat in the body’s other glands.
  3. Gender Doesn't Matter - Fun fact: While women have more sweat glands than men, men’s sweat glands produce more sweat. But deodorant for men or for women is most likely little more than a marketing ploy. In at least one brand, the same active ingredient is present in the same amounts in the sticks for men and women, Discovery Health reported. It’s only packaging and fragrance that differs. Ladies, beware of getting charged more for women's products. It's real

  4. Earwax Indicator - Our earwax can actually tell us if you really need deodorant or not.  Here's the hint, if your earwax is white and flaky, pass on the Speed Stick,  But, if it's dark and sticky, you should likely use deodorant.  

  5. No One Knows Where the Yellow Stains Come From - Most theorize that the aluminum-based ingredients somehow react with sweat/skin/shirts/laundry detergent/you name it, and create this obnoxious stain.  My advice, just ditch the aluminum-based products all together.  Problem solved. 

Make sure to stay tuned for my reviews of the best organic deodorants and antiperspirants.
Until then, I'm tossing this bad boy in the trash.