Tie-Dye Piñata Cake

FoodLibby RasmussenComment

Those who know me well know I love nothing more than making my friends' birthday cakes. I've always felt like it was the best way to show someone how much I care about them.  These cakes have included a four-layer pink ombre cake with sugar letters, a cake lined with fresh roses, and even a hysterical confetti slang cake.  I do my best to have the cake fit the personality of its recipient and this fun and whimsical piñata cake was no exception. 

Side note: How cute is this striped Las Bayadas beach towel? I got mine for summer from Waiting On Martha's Shop.  


While you can't tell from the photos, the inside of the cake was just as fun as the outside. For the cake batter, I made a marbled rainbow tie-dye with the colors of the cupcakes using this recipe.  Definitely doing this again, it was so much fun.  This piñata cake would be perfect for a summer bbq or a Cinco de Mayo party.  And for those wondering, the piñatas are filled with one of the following: a vintage toy, a riddle, sweets, a gem, a fortune, a temporary tattoo or a quote. They're also refillable!