I'm 25 and I Just Started Wearing Sunscreen

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Okay so maybe I didn't just start wearing sunscreen but 25 is definitely the year I swore I would start taking sun exposure and protection seriously.  We've all read in magazines and have been warned by older girlfriends that 25 is when sh*t starts to hit the fan.  It's more difficult to lose weight, the hangovers get progressively worse, and the fine lines and wrinkles start to rear their ugly heads.  While serums, lotions, and brightening creams are always great anti-aging methods, I've learned just how important it is to start with the source of the wrinkles, which for many women, is sun exposure.  Fact: UV rays account for 80% of skin aging. 

I consider myself pretty lucky to have a great group of girlfriends who are dedicated to their skincare.  A lot of my recent sun care regimens have been inspired by their methods. Whether it's wearing a big beach hat, or swearing off tanning beds and hitting up the spray tan, my old habits are slowly diminishing as their healthy ones are starting to rub off.  

Don't get me wrong, I'm long past the days of fake-baking in high school, and those who know me well know I'm awful at sitting still and frying on the beach.  I am however, guilty of using the occasional "I have naturally tan skin and rarely burn" argument.  Cringe.  

In my attempt to start being better about overall sun protection, I researched a lot of products. What was most important to me was that I found a great every day facial and overall sunscreen, a that the products were organic. 

After doing some more reading on the differences between traditional chemical sunscreen and organic sunscreen, I was surprised by what I found.  Similar to many Chemical Deodorants sold in stores, I discovered that many popular sunscreen brands are packed with less than ideal ingredients like silicone, parabens, and micro plastics. Soon after, I was introduced to BIOSOLIS, an organic, eco-friendly, sun protection line which uses mineral UV filters for sun protection.  Back in the day, mineral UV sunscreen would leave a white layer on the skin surface (think sunscreen on the lifeguard's nose.) BIOSOLIS however, revolutionized these mineral UV filters, making them both invisible, non-toxic, and most importantly, effective for sun protection. I love that this line has sun protection in different stages: before, during, and after.  

While summer might be coming to a close, I need to remember that sun protection needs to happen year round.  Special thanks to BIOSOLIS for sending me these products and educating me on the importance of using organic, chemical-free sunscreens. 

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