26 Things Before Turning 26

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Last year, I turned a quarter-century and before I did, I made a list of 25 things I wanted to do before turning 25 (thanks to the inspiration of my best friend).  I found a new mentor. I wrote to my Grandpa regularly. I started wearing rompers and jumpsuits. I traveled to 3 countries and above all else, I learned so much about myself.  I love these lists because they're the perfect medium between a to-do list and a bucket list. For me, it's been the best way to achieve my goals, big or small, in just the perfect amount of time.
 Starts December 7th 2015 & Ends December 5th 2016.    


1.      Become a Bone Marrow Donor - (Registered Donor 12/22/15)

2.      Make homemade sushi

3.      Apply and get into law school – (Done and Done!)

4.      Learn calligraphy - (Started, with a beginners kit)

5.      Become a member of a church and attend regularly – (Advent DC)

6.      Go to the top of the Washington Monument

7.      Become a “regular” somewhere in DC

8.      Become Mom’s Pen Pal – (Started January 2016)

9.      Learn more about wine

10.  Start a recipe binder with friends and family – (Started December 2015)

11.  Host a formal brunch – (3/19 Easter Brunch)

12.  Take an art class

13.  Go to the movies more – (Spotlight, Room, Wild)

14.  Start blogging again – (Libby Living Colorfully Relaunched 2/23)

15.  Invite someone to volunteer with me 

16.  Raise $ for N Street Village($176 raised thus far)

17.  Go skydiving

18.  Do at least 5 informational interviews – (3 out of 5)

19.  Start wearing sunscreen daily - (Thanks to Elta MD)

20.   Donate blood 5 times this year – (3 out of 5)

21.  Bring a friend home to Wisconsin - (Emily's visit in June) 

22.  Go completely sugar free for 7 or 21 days

23.  Buy a Gray Malin print - (Loving my Beach gallery wall) 

24.  Let go or resolve any grudges - (Lent 2016)

25.  Spend an entire day without iPhone or internet

26.  Visit 10 new museums or galleries – (4 out of 10)

**Bonus** Do Something/Make a decision 100% for myself

The best part about having a 26 Before 26 List is that I can encourage others to make their own.  What will you put on your list? It's never too late to start thinking of what you can do with the next year.