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It's no secret, Instagram is by far my favorite app.  Like most users, I love the ability to discover others passions, ideas, and yes, even their dinners through imagery.  Whether it's one of my best friends, a celebrity, or a person I admire from afar, Instagram has been a great avenue to watch those I follow evolve as 'grammers and as people.  Here are just a few of the feeds I love, old and new.  Who are your favorite Instagrammers?


The second I scroll onto one of Studio DIY's photos, I instantly smile. Founder Kelly Mindell is undoubtedly one of the most creative women on the scene right now.  (We went to the same college!) You've likely spotted many of Kelly's ridiculously cute costumes when Googling: Homemade Halloween Costume or Couples Halloween Costume.  I'll never grow tired of the sequins, balloons, piñatas, and pizzazz on Studio DIY's feed.  



Ashley Rose's Instagram and lifestyle blog, Sugar & Cloth is just as sweet as it sounds.  Ashley talents in baking, interior décor, entertaining, and well, pretty much everything is showcased beautifully in her bright and cheerful feed.  I always look to her Instagram for inspiration for future projects.



Not only are Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman best friends, they're sisters.  In addition to running an awesome lifestyle blog, A Beautiful Mess, they launched my new favorite photo editing app - A Color Story.  Their Instagram feed is an eclectic and colorful showcase of their amazing app. Honestly, I can't say enough great things about it. Available for iPhone.



So admittedly, I started following Kelly Christine when I first got Instagram because I was obsessed with her adorable pup, Tucker.  I then noticed that Kelly and I had similar décor styles and an affinity for fresh cut flowers. I've always admired her bright and clean blog, Weekend Notebook and read it weekly. Make sure you check out her feed!



Lauren Durden, Co-Founder of The Blvd is the truest definition of NYC/food/beauty/drink/life-GOALS.  Not only is Lauren a Communications and Events Coordinator for Dom Peringnon, she's a consultant, a food stylist, contributor for The Daily Meal and Foodable, and above all, the #1 person to ask for the best uni (sea urchin) & dumplings in NYC.  Lauren's Instagram is the perfect go-to guide for all things fun and delicious.    
Ok, so I'll confess, Lauren is a dear dear friend of mine - lucky me! I love finding inspiration from her feed and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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